How to Catch Pichu in Pokémon Go

Catching Pichu in Pokémon Go is an exciting challenge for players of this widely popular mobile game.

As a baby Pokémon, Pichu is not found in the wild like most other Pokémon.

Instead, players need to understand the specific mechanics of the game to successfully add this adorable creature to their Pokédex.

This guide will delve into the strategies and tips for catching Pichu, ensuring players have all the necessary information to succeed in their quest.

Understanding Pichu’s Unique Catch Mechanics

Pichu, unlike most Pokémon in Pokémon Go, cannot be caught through traditional means. As a baby Pokémon, it is exclusively available through hatching Eggs.

Understanding the Egg hatching process is crucial for players aiming to catch Pichu. Eggs in Pokémon Go are items that players can obtain from PokéStops or through gifts from friends.

These Eggs contain various types of Pokémon, including baby Pokémon like Pichu.

To hatch an Egg, players must place it in an incubator and walk a certain distance.

The distance required depends on the type of Egg. For Pichu, players should focus on 2 km and 5 km Eggs, as these are the types where Pichu is most likely to be found.

It’s important to note that the contents of an Egg are determined when the Egg is obtained, not when it is hatched.

Therefore, consistent spinning of PokéStops and opening of gifts is essential for increasing the chances of obtaining an Egg that contains Pichu.

Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Pichu

To maximize the chances of hatching Pichu, players should adopt a strategic approach.

Firstly, always keep an Egg in an incubator. Since players can only hatch Eggs by walking, having an Egg in an incubator at all times ensures that every step counts towards hatching.

Players can use both the infinite incubator, which never breaks, and limited-use incubators, which can hatch Eggs faster.

Secondly, participating in events is a key strategy. Pokémon Go frequently holds events where the rates of certain Pokémon hatching from Eggs are increased.

Keep an eye on announcements for events that boost the chances of baby Pokémon like Pichu.

During these events, players should be more active in collecting and hatching Eggs to take advantage of the increased rates.

Utilizing In-Game Tools and Bonuses

In addition to the basic mechanics of hatching Eggs, players can use various in-game tools and bonuses to catch Pichu.

Adventure Sync is a feature in Pokémon Go that tracks the distance you walk even when the game is not actively open.

Enabling this feature ensures that all the walking you do counts towards hatching your Eggs.

Players should also look out for bonuses that reduce the distance required to hatch Eggs.

These bonuses can appear during certain events or as part of special rewards.

When these bonuses are active, players can hatch Eggs more quickly, thereby increasing their chances of getting Pichu.

The Role of Luck and Persistence

Catching Pichu in Pokémon Go does involve a degree of luck, as the Pokémon that hatches from an Egg is randomly determined. However, persistence plays a significant role.

The more Eggs a player hatches, the higher their chances of hatching a Pichu. Therefore, regular playing and consistent hatching of Eggs are key to eventually adding Pichu to your collection.

In summary, catching Pichu in Pokémon Go requires understanding its unique catch mechanics, maximizing chances through strategic hatching of Eggs, utilizing in-game tools and bonuses, and a combination of luck and persistence

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