How to Find Someone on TikTok (with & without username)

TikTok is platform that lets you make and post short videos for other users to see. In order to use the TikTok app, you must first create an account. You can link to another social media platform, or create an account using your email or phone number.

Every TikTok creator has their own account on the platform. You can find these accounts using the search function, which allows you to look for accounts and videos.

How to Find Someone on TikTok with username

In order to find someone on TikTok, you must first launch the TikTok app. Log into your account and navigate to the homepage.

There are ways that you can search TikTok without an account, but it’s much easier if you have one you can log into.

In the top right corner, there should be a magnifying glass icon. Press on it to access the search function.


In the search bar, type out the name of the account you want to find. When you’re finished, tap the ‘search’ option to commence your search.

You should then be taken to a list of search results. These results will be sorted by category.


Select the ‘users’ tab to filter the search results into accounts only. Press on an account name to access the account page.

Alternatively, you can search for a TikTok video that belongs to the account. After typing out your search and executing it, select the ‘videos’ tab to filter the search results into videos only.

Locate the relevant TikTok and press on the account icon below it to access the account page.

You can also find an account through your recommendations. On your homepage, you should see a series of recommended TikToks.

You can scroll through your recommendations by swiping up and down.


To the right of a TikTok should be a profile picture. Select the profile picture to access the account page.

Once you’ve found someone on TikTok, you can choose to follow them by going on their account page and pressing the ‘follow’ option.

You can also choose to unfollow an account at any time by pressing the ‘unfollow’ option on their account page.

Can I Find Someone on TikTok Without Knowing Their Username?

If you don’t know someone’s username on TikTok, nor any of their videos, you can still find them using other methods.

You can use your contacts to get account suggestions, scan a user’s QR code, or use your friends list on Facebook to find accounts. This way, you can have all your friends across different social media platforms in one place.

Using Contacts

You can allow TikTok access to the contacts list on your phone. TikTok allows users to link their phone number or email to their TikTok account.

This means that TikTok can use the phone numbers or emails in your contacts list to find TikTok accounts.

Open the TikTok app, and go on your profile by pressing the person icon in the bottom right. Then, press on the person icon in the top left. You should be taken to the ‘find friends’ page.


Select the ‘find’ option next to the ‘contacts’ option. If you didn’t previously allow TikTok to access your contacts, you will be shown a pop-up asking you to grant TikTok this permission.

Press ‘open settings’ to access TikTok’s app permissions.


Enable the ‘contacts’ option to allow TikTok access to your contacts. Then, return to TikTok and select the ‘find’ option next to ‘contacts’ again.

Using QR Codes

TikTok gives each user their own unique QR code, which is also called a TikCode.

You can find someone on TikTok by scanning their TikCode. You can do this in person, or save the TikCode as an image and send it.

Open the TikTok app and go to your profile page. You should be able to access it by pressing on the person icon in the bottom right.

Once you’re on your profile page, press the three lines in the top right. A set of options should appear. Select the ‘settings and privacy’ option.


You should now be in the settings. Select the ‘QR code’ option.


You should now be shown your TikCode. Each user should be able to access their own TikCode this way.

Get someone to show you their TikCode, or ask them to save it as an image by pressing the ‘download’ option near the bottom. They can then send you the TikCode as an image for you to scan.

To scan a TikCode in TikTok, go to your TikCode page and select the icon in the top right. You should now see a QR scanner.


You can either point your camera at a TikCode to scan it, or select ‘photos’ to scan an image from your camera roll.

Once you’ve scanned the TikCode, you should be taken to the relevant account page.

Using Facebook friends

You can also try to find someone on TikTok using your Facebook friends list. TikTok allows users to link their TikTok account to their Facebook account.

This means that you can find someone on TikTok through their Facebook account. Keep in mind that using this method to find someone on TikTok will require you to allow TikTok access to your Facebook account.

Launch the TikTok app and navigate to your profile. Select the person icon in the upper left, and press the ‘find’ option next to ‘Facebook friends’.


If you haven’t previously linked your Facebook account to TikTok, you will be asked to log into your Facebook account. Log in.

You should now see a list of suggested TikTok accounts based on your Facebook friends. Once you sync contacts, you’ll continue to get new recommendations when your Facebook friends become TikTok users.


In conclusion, you can find someone on TikTok through a variety of methods, and it’s actually fairly easy to find TikTok users.

You can simply search for their username using the search bar, search for one of their TikToks, scan their QR code, find them using your contacts, or find them through Facebook.

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