How to log out of Sky Go app – Easy method

Sky Go is Sky’s major streaming platform, available on all smart phones in the United Kingdom for customers who currently have an active Sky television subscription.

It allows users to watch live content, download certain shows and watch content on demand all while on the go providing you are connected to the internet.

For the most part, it works well, and the majority of users don’t have any issues with Sky Go – however, some people have issues logging out. Let’s take a look at why.

How to log out of Sky Go app – The quick answer

The majority of users like to stay constantly logged in to the app for ease of access, however there may come a point where customers may decide they’ve had enough of the service and want to log out.

This might be because the app is using up too much storage or data or it could just be because you find that you’re not using the app all that much.

For whatever reason Sky have made it impossible for you to log out of the Sky Go app using conventional methods.

On 99% of apps that require a login you can usually just navigate to your account information/settings and there will be a sign out or log out button waiting for you. But, no, not on Sky Go.

So, if you want to log out of the Sky Go app then you only really have one option, whether you’re using the mobile version or the laptop/desktop computer version.


If you’re looking to log out of your account on the Sky Go app on your mobile device then you will need to delete the app from your phone and then re-download it.

To do this on an iOS device you need to hold down on the Sky Go icon on your phone’s home screen and select ‘remove app’ from the drop down menu that appears.

Then head to the app store, search for Sky Go and re-install it. This is the easiest way to sign into a new Sky account – then, you can watch Sky Sports or any other channel you want.


To log out of the app on your Computer/Laptop then you also need to delete the app, but not by the conventional methods. Please follow these steps on Windows 10:

  1. Make sure you can view your hidden files by opening ‘file explorer’, selecting the ‘view’ tab and ensuring there’s a tick next to ‘Hidden Items’.
  2. Click (C:) Drive then go to User – (your username) – AppData – Roaming and then delete the folder titled ‘Sky Go’.
  3. Open the downloads folder and delete ‘SkyGoInstaller’.
  4. Finally, head to the recycle bin and permanently wipe the Sky Go folder.

I know what you’re think – what a load of faff to log out of an app – but unfortunately, these are the only ways you can do successfully to do it.

Remove a registered device

If by ‘log out’ of the app you mean remove one of your registered devices, then we’ve got some good news – this is far more straightforward.

Sky Go customers are eligible to register up to six devices on their account and are allowed to remove an existing device and add a new one once per calendar month.

If you are looking to remove a device then open up the app, head to settings and select ‘manage your devices’.

A screen will then appear showing all of your registered devices – select ‘remove this device’ next to any of the devices that you no longer wish to use and that device will then be redundant when it comes to Sky Go.

This also means that anything you’ve downloaded on Sky Go on that device will also be wiped, so make sure everything you have and want to keep is directly saved elsewhere.

It’s a little difficult to manage Sky apps in comparison to other streaming services, but it is possible.

Cancel your Sky subscription

If the reason you are looking to log out of the Sky Go app is because you are wanting to cancel your Sky TV subscription then you’ll need to get in touch with them directly.

As with all television providers, they won’t make it easy for you and will perhaps even offer you incentives/reasons to stay – you’ll need your Sky ID to do this.

Please note that once your subscription is cancelled with Sky, you will no longer be able to stream content on Sky go, including anything you have previously downloaded.


To conclude, logging out of Sky Go is unnecessarily difficult. In fairness, there is little reason to log out of Sky Go unless you are getting rid of it but Sky should at least give their customers the option.

We hope that by following our advice above you can either find a way to log out of the app or remove one of your registered devices from your account.

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