How to clear Discord cache & cookies – Manual method

Discord is a free messaging application. Like most applications, Discord can build up cache as you use it. Cache is essentially temporary data stored in programs and browsers. Cache can help apps function more quickly as it decreases loading time.

However, if your Discord cache is taking up quite a bit of storage space, it may be time to clear it – it’s often one of the main reasons why your Discord app won’t open. The cache may be filled with unnecessary data by now so clearing it up can free Discord for more important data.

How to clear Discord cache

Desktop users can typically clear their Discord cache files by heading to the %appdata% folder. Mobile users will need to go into their phone settings menu to clear Discord cache files from their phone.

Having certain data stored means it won’t have to work as hard to load or execute certain commands. Cache can be cleared most cases, but it usually builds up again when you use the applications.

Cache can take up storage space, so clearing cache after a while of build up can temporarily free up some storage. Clearing cache for unused apps is especially worthwhile, as that cache won’t be building up again any time soon.

You can clear Discord cache on Desktop and Mobile. We’ll be going through how you can clear Discord cache on both platforms. There is unfortunately no in-built feature on Discord for clearing cache, but there are ways to manually achieve it.

For Desktop

On Desktop, you can find your Discord cache in the File Explorer. You can easily access the cache’s file location by searching %appdata% in the Start Menu. Then, select the ‘open’ option to access File Explorer.

You should be taken to a list of app data folders. Locate the Discord folder and double-click on it. Then, find the Cache folder and open it.

Delete all the files in the Cache folder to clear your Discord cache.

For Chrome

If you’re using the Discord website as opposed to the Discord app, you can clear your Discord cache using a web browser.

Make sure the web browser is the one you use to access Discord. In this article, we’ll focus on the Google Chrome browser. To clear your Discord cache, you must clear your browser cache.

Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. This will automatically take you to the ‘delete browsing data’ tab.

Make sure that ‘cached images and files’ has been checked. You can also check other relevant data. Then, make sure that the ‘time range’ option has been set correctly.

To delete all possible Discord cache, set the time range to ‘all time’. When you’re done, click ‘clear data’ to clear your Discord cache.

For iOS

For iOS, you can clear app cache in the device settings. This option is only available for certain apps. Unfortunately, there is no option to clear cache for the Discord app.

You can only clear Discord cache by deleting the app in the settings. Deleting the app will also delete its cache. Afterwards, you can reinstall the app if you wish to continue using it.

To delete the Discord app, open the device settings and select General > iPhone Storage. Scroll until you find the Discord app, and press on it. Select the ‘delete app’ option to clear your Discord cache.

Now, you can reinstall the Discord app using the App Store if you so wish.

For Safari

If you use Discord on Safari, you can clear your Discord cache by clearing Safari’s browser cache.

Open the settings, and locate the Safari app. Press on it to open up Safari’s settings. Scroll through the options until you see ‘clear history and website data’. Select the option to clear your Discord cache. Be aware that this will also clear other website cache, history, and cookies as well.

Alternatively, there is a way to more selectivity clear Discord cache for Safari. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Find the Safari app and press on it. Select the ‘website data’ option to see a list of website cache.

Press the ‘edit’ option in the top right. Now, you can individually delete website cache. Locate the cache for Discord, and delete it by pressing the minus icon. You can expand the cache list by selecting ‘show all sites’. Afterwards, press the ‘done’ option to exit edit mode.

For Android

On Android, you can delete app cache from the device settings.

Open the settings, and press the ‘battery and device care’ option. Then, select ‘storage’. You should now see a list of categories. Press ‘apps’ to see your list of currently installed apps. Scroll through the list until you find the Discord app. Select the app.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Apps > Discord to reach the same location.

Select the ‘storage’ option. Now, you can press ‘clear cache’ to delete your Discord cache.

You can also choose to clear your Discord data by pressing ‘clear data’.


In conclusion, you can clear Discord cache on both Desktop and Mobile devices. You can clear Discord cache for the app as well as the website. If you’re clearing cache for the Discord website, you have to clear your browser cache.

Methods for clearing browser cache vary according to the browser. If you’re clearing cache for the Discord app, methods differ according to the platform.

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