Can You Change Teams in Pokemon GO?

Understanding the dynamics of Pokemon GO is crucial for every player aiming to excel in this captivating game.

One of the questions that frequently comes up is whether it is possible to change teams once you have made a choice.

Pokemon GO, developed by Niantic, is a game that has brought together players from across the globe, creating a community of enthusiasts engaged in catching virtual creatures.

The aspect of teams plays a significant role in this game, influencing your experience and interactions.

The Significance of Teams in Pokemon GO

When a player reaches level five in Pokemon GO, they are presented with the option to join one of three teams: Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct.

Each team has its own philosophy and style of play, and your choice could impact your gameplay experience.

Team Mystic, led by Blanche, believes in the wisdom of Pokemon evolution.

Team Valor, headed by Candela, values strength and power.

Team Instinct, under the leadership of Spark, follows the intuition and trusts in the Pokemon’s natural abilities.

Choosing a team is a vital decision in Pokemon GO because it determines your allies and rivals in gym battles and raids.

Being part of a team allows you to collaborate with other members during raids and to contribute to controlling gyms under your team’s colour.

The social aspect of Pokemon GO is enriched by this team-based gameplay, fostering a sense of belonging and competition.

Understanding the Mechanics of Changing Teams

The question of can you change teams in Pokemon GO is a critical one for players who wish to shift their allegiances or who have made a choice they later regret.

Niantic has introduced a feature called the Team Medallion, which allows players to change their team once a year.

This item can be purchased from the in-game shop, providing a way for players to realign their gameplay experience with their preferences or to join friends on a different team.

The Team Medallion does come with certain conditions and limitations. It is crucial to understand that you can only purchase and use one Team Medallion every 365 days.

This means that if you decide to change teams, you should be confident in your decision, as it will be a long-term commitment.

Additionally, any Pokemon placed in gyms at the time of your team change will be returned to you without any earned PokeCoins if the gym is under attack.

How to Effectively Change Teams in Pokemon GO

If you’ve decided that changing teams is the right decision for you, there are steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth transition.

First, ensure that you have reached level five or above, as team choices and changes are only available to players who have achieved this level.

Next, navigate to the in-game shop and purchase the Team Medallion. This item costs 1,000 PokeCoins, so ensure you have sufficient coins in your account.

Once you have the Team Medallion, go to your player profile, tap on the Team Medallion, and select the team you wish to join.

Confirm your decision, and you will find yourself aligned with your new team, ready to engage in gym battles and raids with your new allies.

It is important to note that your previous team’s gym badges will not be reset, and any in-progress gym battles will continue until they conclude.

The Pros and Cons of Changing Teams

Changing teams in Pokemon GO is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There are pros and cons associated with this choice that players need to consider.

On the positive side, changing teams can allow you to join friends on a different team, enhancing your social experience and teamwork in the game.

It can also provide a fresh perspective on gym battles and raids, as you align yourself with a new set of strategies and philosophies.

However, there are also downsides to changing teams. The cost of the Team Medallion is significant, and the one-year cooldown period means that you are making a long-term commitment to your new team.

Additionally, changing teams can disrupt your established relationships and rivalries in the game, as you find yourself on the opposite side of battles you once participated in.


In conclusion, the question of can you change teams in Pokemon GO has a clear answer: yes, but with considerations.

The Team Medallion offers a way for players to switch allegiances, but it comes with a cost and limitations.

Players need to weigh the pros and cons, consider the social and gameplay impacts, and be certain in their decision before making a change.

Pokemon GO is a game that continues to evolve, and the ability to change teams adds an additional layer of strategy and personalization to this global phenomenon.

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