How Much RAM Does Pokemon Go Need? The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to mobile gaming, RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth gaming experience. RAM is essentially the short-term memory of your device.

It temporarily stores data that your phone needs immediate access to, allowing for quicker retrieval and processing. This is particularly important in gaming, where real-time data processing is key.

Why RAM Matters in Mobile Games

RAM is essential for mobile games because it helps in the seamless running of applications.

Games like Pokemon Go, which use real-time data and augmented reality, require a substantial amount of RAM to function effectively.

Adequate RAM ensures that the game runs smoothly, with minimal lag or stuttering, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

How Much RAM Does Pokemon Go Need?

Minimum RAM Requirements

For Pokemon Go, the minimum RAM requirement is typically 2GB. This is the baseline for the game to run. However, it’s important to note that while the game might run on a device with 2GB of RAM, the experience may not be optimal.

Players might experience occasional lags or slower load times, especially in areas with high Pokemon activity or during community events.

Recommended RAM for Optimal Performance

For an optimal gaming experience, a device with 4GB of RAM or more is recommended.

This ensures smoother gameplay, quicker loading of maps and Pokemon, and an overall more stable experience, especially in densely populated areas or during special in-game events.

Factors Influencing RAM Usage in Pokemon Go

Game Updates and Features

Pokemon Go is constantly evolving, with frequent updates and new features.

These updates often increase the RAM usage of the game. Features like AR+ mode and the introduction of new Pokemon or items can require more memory, making it beneficial to have a device with higher RAM.

Operating System and Background Processes

The operating system of your device and the number of background processes running can significantly affect the RAM available for Pokemon Go.

Newer versions of operating systems tend to be more efficient in memory management, but they also come with their own set of background processes that can consume RAM.

Enhancing Pokemon Go Experience on Low RAM Devices

Optimizing Device Settings

For devices with lower RAM, optimizing device settings can help improve the gaming experience.

Closing background apps and disabling unnecessary features like live wallpapers can free up RAM.

Managing Storage and Cache

Regularly clearing the cache and managing the storage of your device can also help in making more RAM available for Pokemon Go.

This includes deleting unused apps and files to prevent the storage from getting full, which can slow down the device.

Future-Proofing Your Device for Gaming

Investing in Higher RAM Devices

As mobile games continue to evolve, investing in a device with higher RAM is a good idea for an avid gamer.

Devices with 6GB to 8GB of RAM are becoming more common and provide a future-proof option for gaming and other intensive tasks.

Importance of Regular Updates

Keeping your device’s software and Pokemon Go updated ensures optimal performance.

Updates often include optimizations that can improve the game’s performance on devices with varying RAM capacities.


In conclusion, while Pokemon Go can run on devices with 2GB of RAM, for an enhanced gaming experience, a device with 4GB or more is recommended.

Considering the evolving nature of the game, opting for a device with higher RAM can be a wise decision for avid gamers.

Remember, optimizing your device settings and keeping your software up-to-date are key steps in ensuring the best possible experience with Pokemon Go.

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