How long does a sim card last, and can SIM cards go bad?

SIM cards are still commonly used to link your mobile phone to your network provider, though most users don’t know much more about SIM cards than this.

However, the process for producing the SIM cards is pretty extensive, which makes them quite durable. But just how long can a SIM card last before it needs replacing, and is this something we should be worried about?

For most users, there’s no reason to worry about this any time in the near future. However, let’s look at exactly how long a SIM card lasts.

How long does a SIM card last?

The answer is that your SIM card will last as long as you need it to last. There are people that have been using the same SIM card for several decades, so they don’t just expire after a certain amount of time.

So, there’s no specific time period to be aware of before SIM cards die. Nevertheless, faults can occur as with any electronic product, and SIMs may fail after a certain period.

This means that there’s no exact time that SIM cards are made to last, but they’ll typically be fine for many years.

How Often Should a SIM Card Be Replaced?

How long before you check your SIM card to see whether it’s damaged? Well, as long as it’s still working fine, there’s usually nothing to worry about when it comes to getting your SIM card replaced.

Though, a SIM card will store your personal info, so some people want to be safe – if this is you, then checking your SIM card every few years is a good way to make sure that it’s still working optimally.

If you have issues with your smartphone, checking that your SIM card is working and undamaged is one of the first things you should do, as this is a common cause of signal issues.

Can A SIM Card Go Bad?

Sim cards don’t have an expiry date like other items and products around your house, so there’s no need to mark a specific date to change your SIM card in for a new one.

Though SIM cards don’t really go bad, they are similar to other electronic products in that eventually they may be subject to wear and tear.

SIM cards are a cost effective way to connect to a mobile network, and one of the reasons for this is because they have a long lifespan.

If you have bought a new sim card which no longer works, you may be wondering whether you’ve purchased an expired SIM card.

What is an expired SIM card?

Though SIM cards don’t expire themselves, you may have something that’s called an expired SIM card if you’re using a prepaid card.

People use the term “expired” so simply mean that the term of agreement has expired and your SIM card no longer has any data or minutes left.

In some cases, you may be able to reactivate your SIM card to get it working again.

However, in many cases you may actually want to get a new SIM card instead, as you’ll be able to get access to better SIM card deals.


SIM cards don’t have an expiry date, so you don’t need to worry about an expired SIM card suddenly stopping your phone from working.

However, it’s sensible to check your SIM card is in good condition every now and then, and it should be something to look at if you start having issues with your phone, as they can suffer from wear and tear.

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