Apps like Ditty that sing what you type

Since’s shutdown, there has been a massive gap in the market for apps that sing what you type into it. Though not the original, Ditty gained a great deal of attention and users on the platform.

Although Ditty has disappeared from the App Store for years now, users still seek an alternative app that sings.

We took a look at the best options out there you can download if you’re looking for Ditty alternatives.

Ditty alternatives

Though there are a lot of different speech to text apps, there aren’t many speech to song apps that exist in the current App store or Google Play Store.

The software that Ditty uses is quite advanced, so it’s not actually that easy to emulate. This means that there aren’t many apps like Ditty that allow you to create music videos and your own songs.

However, there are some musical apps like Ditty that may provide a solid alternative to the Ditty app. Here’s a few other apps you can use to create music.


If you want the ability to turn speech into text easily then you may want to look at checking out Uberduck AI.

This is a super popular app that has over 5000 different voices built into the AI voices. This includes a wide range of different well known celebrities through to some of your favourite Disney characters.

Uberduck is more than just a text to speech app, as you can also use it for a variety of other cool features too – like their text to image feature, which allows you to create an image based on the text you input into Uberduck.

It’s definitely worth signing up to the free Uberduck plan to check the app out.

And, if you like the idea of being able to become a creator and make your own unique recordings, then you can look at their creator plans too.


AutoRap allows you to speak with the camera instead of typing the message, but the end result is similar to that received from Ditty. It’s a fun way to create music videos that are a ton of fun.

You can create auto-tuned rap from your words, and the program can process through every sentence you have written to then create you a fun music video with a ton of customisation options at the end.

It’s a good app like Ditty, though you use your own voice and use that to create your own tracks. You can choose hip hop beats or others to create your own rhymes.

It’s worth downloading if you’re looking to have a little fun and are looking for alternatives to Ditty.


Another great app that’s a lot of fun is Wombo, the app that makes your selfies sing some of your favourite songs.

The app uses AI technology to use your selfie and combine that with some massive pop hits.

You’ll then get a funny video of you singing famous songs – you can then download the recording and send it to your friends or upload it to your socials.

Though it’s not quite a Ditty alternative, Wombo is a similar music app that allows you to turn your camera roll into a karaoke machine.

If you want to create funny videos of you and your friends, Wombo is the app for this.


How can you find Ditty alternatives? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find good alternatives to the Ditty app that sings what you type, as it’s quite different in giving the ability to produce unique recordings.

This article shows the best alternative options for Ditty so you can pick the best one that suits your needs best. Ditty is a great tool for transforming any text into song.

So, it’s actually quite difficult to replace Ditty. We created this list of Ditty alternatives offering similar features and these apps are capable of converting whatever you type into songs.

If Ditty comes back or a great alternative is released, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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