Is Bumble a hookup app?

Bumble’s popularity has been largely driven by the fact that the app allows women to send the first message.

This is unlike most other dating apps, and it stops women from getting an inbox full of messages from.

Some men say that it’s a lot more difficult to find someone on Bumble than on Tinder, whilst women typically experience the opposite.

Though, this really depends on whether you’re looking for a one night stand or a long term relationship.

But which of these will you find on Bumble? Here’s what most Bumble users are looking for.

Is Bumble a good hookup app?

The answer is that Bumble can be a good hookup app, especially for women that are looking to be very specific with their next partner.

You can find both short and long term relationships on Bumble, so it’s really a max of the two.

When you compare it to an app like Tinder or Grindr, then it’s not quite as popular for hookups in comparison to apps like these.

However when compared to apps like eHarmony, which has more users looking for serious relationships, then it’s definitely not a bad place for female users to find a quick fling.

Is Bumble good for relationships?

Though you can definitely use Bumble for a fling, there are plenty of people that find a serious relationship by using Bumble too.

Bumble differs from some other dating apps in that women make the first move. This means you’ll get no unwanted messages when using Bumble.

And this can be great if you’re looking to find relationships using Bumble, as it can afford you to be very selective.

The Bumble experience for guys is pretty good, and you’ll only get contacted by women that are interested in you.

So if you list that you’re looking for a long term relationship in your bio, you can be sure that you’ll only match with others that are on the same wavelength.

Is Bumble good for non-monogamous relationships?

Bumble can be used for meaningful relationships as well as quick flings, but some users may wonder whether they can find matches interested in ENM (ethical non-monogamy).

The answer is yes and no. You can use the app to find this style of relationship, and you can get Bumble matches that are open towards this kind of thing.

This is especially true because of the way women make the first move – as long as you have it in your bio, you shouldn’t have any problems with miscommunications on the platform.

You can even use Bumble to make platonic friends. But being honest, it’s not made for that – it’s generally focussed towards monogamous relationships.

So, you can definitely find other ENM-friendly folk, it’s not designed with that in mind. Download Bumble, but also look at downloading an app like Feeld aswell, which is focussed on more open-minded users.


When compared with a serious dating app like OkCupid, Bumble may appear to be an app for hookups.

And whilst it can be used for quick flings, Bumble is more than just an app for hookups.

It can help you find a relationship that matches the best person you like, so it’s worth being completely honest in your Bumble bio.

So if you wonder whether Bumble really is just a hookup app, like most modern dating apps, it’s complicated.

It can be used by both those looking for a relationship or those that want to find hookup dating sites.

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