How do you get banned from Tinder?

When you signup for your Tinder account, you agree to some certain terms and conditions that you won’t break.

In most cases, people that have been banned from Tinder have broken the house rules when using the app.

This means that they’ve broken the Terms and Conditions that Tinder have in place, or they haven’t adhered to the Community Guidelines that they’ve set out either.

Tinder’s Terms of Use

Breaking Tinder’s Terms of Use are the easiest way for you to get autobanned from the platform.

The most common of these is being underage. Only those that are 18 or older are allowed to use Tinder for their own safety.

As well as this, it also includes and lot of technical and legal documentation, though it’s not likely that you’ll break any of these rules as they are the same across all dating apps.

Tinder’s Community Guidelines

Tinder’s Community guidelines is the main reason why most people end up getting banned from Tinder.

This is because their guidelines include;

  • No Hate Speech
  • No sexually explicit content
  • No spam or scamming
  • No false impersonations
  • No harassment

If you break these rules you could find your Tinder account banned.

Even if you have signed up for a premium service (like a Tinder Gold subscription), you could still be banned with no refunds.

This is the most likely reason for Tinder accounts being banned – if you are, you’ll likely see the Tinder error code or message saying you can’t log into your account.

What is a Tinder ban?

A Tinder ban is a permanent ban on you participating in any activity on the Tinder app.

Most of the time these bans are permanent, and given for breaking the rules of Tinder.

On some occasions, they can also be given because you don’t meet the minimum age requirements of the app (18+).

Can you get unbanned?

For the most part, you won’t be able to get unbanned from Tinder.

You can message their customer support to see whether they’ll unban you, and there are instances of them removing bans when they’ve bee applied accidentally.

However, usually you won’t be able to get a ban reversed from Tinder, as they tend to be permanent.

How to open a new Tinder account after being banned

If you’ve been banned by Tinder but still want to use a Tinder account, the best thing you can do is create a new account to use instead.

However, you need to make sure that there are no links between your original Tinder account and the new one that you’re creating.

This means that you should;

  • Link a different Facebook account when signing up.
  • Register with an alternative phone number to the one you originally used.
  • Use different photos on your Tinder account.

You can create multiple accounts for Tinder as long as you use different phone numbers or registration information when signing up (though technically this does go against their Community Guidelines).

Tinder Ban vs Tinder Shadowban

A Tinder ban and a Tinder shadowban are not the same thing. A Tinder ban is a permanent ban that won’t allow you to log into your Tinder account.

However, a Tinder shadowban will not ban you from using your account, but it will restrict your interactions with other users of the Tinder platform.

In some ways, a shadowban can actually end up being worse than a Tinder ban, because you’ll still use the app but the amount of Tinder likes you get will be reduced dramatically.

If you’ve suddenly got from 10+ likes and matches a day to zero, this could be a sign that you’ve had your account shadowbanned by the Tinder team.

Tinder account banned for no reason

Many Tinder users have reported that their account has been banned for no reason by the Tinder Support team.

The best thing you can do in this instance is reach out to Tinder and explain that you’ve been banned for no good reason.

In most cases, the reason why this happens is that you’ve been reported by another Tinder account. So, think about any interactions you had with other users.

Or, you’ve broken the Tinder community guidelines without knowing it, and have eventually been banned on Tinder for this.


No-one wants to get banned on Tinder, though actually Tinder bans are a relatively common occurrence.

Usually if you’ve been banned, you can pin it down to some action that you’ve made when using the app that’s broken Tinder’s community guidelines and rules.

If you think that your ban has happened for no good reason, then you can reach out to Tinder support to create a new account.

However, many users may be better off simply signing up for a new Tinder account instead, as they’ll likely let you know that your banned account is gone for good.

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