How to restore Safari on iPhone

Safari is the default web browser for the iOS device, and most users have Safari enabled. Its simple, it functions well and it’s easy to sync with other Apple devices.

However, there may be times where Safari goes missing from your iPhone, or you may have removed it accidentally. Here’s how to get the browser back on your home screen.

Safari disappeared from iPhone – What to do

The truth is that it’s actually not possible to delete the Safari app from your iPhone (well technically it is possible, but extremely difficult).

This means that it’s extremely likely that Safari is actually still on your iPhone, but it’s just been hidden accidentally.

This could be something that you’ve done yourself, but it can also be the result of a recent iOS update.

Sometimes, this happens on your iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, you can usually get the Safari app icon back to the home screen layout within a few clicks.

Use the App library

The easiest way for you to get Safari back to the home screen layout on your iPhone is simply by using the app library.

This was an update added to iPhones many years ago, and it makes it much easier to find certain apps on your device.

You can access the App library by simply swiping to the right on your iPhone home screen.

Here, you can search for the safari app. When you find it, hold your finger down on the app for a second or two and the app will start to jiggle – you can then drag it back onto your home screen layout.

This is the quickest way to ensure that you move the Safari app icon to your homepage.

Via Spotlight Search

Spotlight is an app search feature for iPhones.

If you lose an app on your device, it’s a popular choice when looking for specific apps – in fact, it’s a good feature that you can use on pretty much any Apple device.

iPad and Macbooks both have Spotlight too, and it’s a great way to find Safari and other apps.

You can bring up Spotlight by simply swiping down from the top of your display, which should bring up the Search bar.

Here, you can simply enter Safari to quickly find the app on your device. If Safari has disappeared, this is another great way to find it on your iPhone or iPad.

Reset your home screen

The final way that you can return Safari to the iPhone Home screen is to reset it so the apps go back to their default position.

You can do this pretty easily by going into your Settings and selecting General. Here, you’ll be able to find the reset home screen layout option.

Obviously, this will reset all the other apps on your device too, so they’ll go back to their original position as well. This can also resolve the Safari not working error too.


Recently, some users reported that Safari was missing from their phone – this could be because you’ve accidentally hidden home screen pages, or it may have just been an error in the most recent iPhone update.

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated several ways that you can fix Safari disappearing on your iPhone, and how you can quickly restore it if this happens.

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