Best Hidden Dating Apps for Discreet Dates

Online dating apps nowadays are easily accessible on your mobile phone. But what if you want to hide your dating app so that other users can’t find out that you’re using it?

There are many dating apps for iPhones and Android phones, and we’re going to look at some of the best ones to use if you’re trying to find new relationships without other people.

Bumble – The best hidden dating app

The best secret dating app that you can download if you want to keep your dating life a secret is Bumble.

This is true for men, and it’s even more true for women. Bumble is known for being the only dating app where the woman has to make the first move.

This means that even if a man matches with a woman on Bumble, they cannot send her the first message.

However, this isn’t what makes Bumble one of the best secret dating apps for Android and iOS devices.

What makes it the best is its Incognito mode.

Bumble’s Incognito Mode

What makes this Bumble feature amazing for secret dating is that it will only let other people that you’ve swiped right on see you in their match queue.

This means that you essentially decide if you swipe right on someone. No-one will see you in their card stack unless you’ve swiped right on them.

So when you see someone you know in real life, you can easily swipe left on them to turn them down.

They won’t be notified, and they’ll have no idea that you’re on the platform. You can then send messages, chat online with them and set up dates without other people knowing.

This is one of many features that makes Bumble a solid choice. Other interesting features include Travel Mode, which enables you to change your location.

So if you’re looking to match with a new pool of daters, you can change your location to a nearby city – another great way you can avoid being caught.

For casual relationships, Bumble is probably our favourite of the hidden dating apps available, though Bumble is expensive. So, there are a few other dating apps you can choose instead.

Other amazing secret dating apps

Ashley Madison

One of the most well known apps for cheaters, Ashley Madison has long been an app to use if you’re looking to have an affair.

The app works in a similar fashion to Bumble in the sense that the power is in the hands of the woman.

For men to message women on the platform, they need to buy tokens. However, it isn’t too expensive if you find someone to talk to long term.

And, the app focuses on giving privacy to its users. This means that you can easily use it as a hidden dating app if you need to.

The League

If you’re looking for an exclusive dating app, you’ll want to look at downloading the League Dating app.

This is an elite platform only recommended for those that want to take their romantic life seriously.

If you want to use this online dating app, you need to connect it to your LinkedIn account. This means that only verified users are on the platform.

It’s one of the more popular secret dating apps that you can use for finding both serious relationships and for short term casual dating too.

Inner Circle

Another similar dating site, Inner Circle is designed to attract real people with a strict verification process.

You can set your dating preferences within the app easily to enter what you’re looking for. You can use the app to make new friends, but most users are looking to find dates and satisfying relationships.

Inner Circle differs slightly from other mobile dating apps with the additional filters it has which let you customise your search preferences. Either way, it’s another great secret dating app worth checking out.


A hidden dating app is a necessity if you want to meet new people sneakily without others knowing.

Many apps let you create your profiles and contact others who are living within your area, though doing this can come back to haunt you later down the line.

With a good hidden dating app, you can get acquainted immediately by matching the other person in private.

You can then speak top mutual matches and get to know each other more – find our your shared interests and make meaningful connections.

The ability to do this privately is something that most dating apps don’t offer – fortunately, there are some great secret dating apps that allow this.

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