The Best Apps for Cheating: Top 3

When couples commit, they give their spouses a promise that they’ll be faithful.

However, in many relationships this ends up being far from reality. Over time, relationships often disintegrate.

This could be caused by arguments which causes tension within the relationship, all the way through to a lack of care about the other person – there’s a variety of reasons for cheating.

And with a modern world, it’s easier to cheat on your partner than ever before. Here’s a few of the most popular apps that cheaters use when having an affair.

The 3 Cheating apps most cheaters use

Ashley Madison

Currently, there are many apps that cheaters use on their phones. One of the most popular is Ashley Madison, which has long been known as the most popular app for cheaters.

Even though the app has tried to move in a more polyamourous direction in recent years, it still has a reputation for being one of the most well known cheating apps.

I’s a good way to have secret conversations with other married men or women – just make sure you don’t get a Ashley Madison charge on card statement.


Signals is another application that cheats and eliminates messages – on the surface, it appears to be a harmless messaging application.

However, it has added security features enabling hiding your messages – the perfect setting for events in any situation.

it’s also extremely popular because it has disappearing messages – it deletes all the messages and content received after a specified period, which makes it great for cheaters.

You can also specify to only activate it for conversations with a specific partner, making it ideal for those with a suspicious and nosy significant other.


Although Lovoo is more of a standard dating app, it is also a popular app among cheaters, as it allows for contacting people living in their area.

This is largely because of the location search features, in the app. They make it very easy to find your nearest neighbors by utilising these radar features that will show you other members near you.

Once you find the right person, you can reach out to them and see if they want to start an extra-marital relationship.

Apps For The Occasional Cheater

The truth is that many cheaters try to hide in plain sight. They don’t use secret stuff and advanced features – they use regular day-to-day apps that other couples and members of the dating community use.

Because it is unlikely that your partner will suspect that your cheating, it is common to use standard apps. In many cases, the person that someone cheats with isn’t even aware that they are cheating.

Below is a list of some apps that are used by cheaters.


Probably the most commonly used messaging app when it comes to cheating on your partner.

It looks as though it’s an innocent social media app or messaging application, but really the feature list makes it an excellent option for a cheater.

The main reason for this with Telegram is that it has the ability to create and make folders private.

This means that you can easily hide text messages from other people within the app -these hidden chats make it extremely popular with cheaters.


Tinder is the number one dating app used across the globe, so it’s no wonder that cheaters flock to the platform.

Anyone can set up their profile on Tinder and add pictures, then include a short introduction and select the people they like to match.

Some cheaters will be secretive about their wish to have an affair, whereas others will keep it a secret – even from the person they plan to cheat with.

Though not an app specifically designed for cheating, it’s worth checking your partner’s device for Tinder if you think they’re cheating.


If you really think about it, it’s pretty easy to understand why Snapchat would be the perfect app for a cheating spouse.

This application has a basic concept of displaying a message for only a short period before disappearing forever.

This is exactly what cheats need – the ability to remove evidence of their infidelity.

With Snapchat, the spouse will have no trace of what the message received entailed, whether it’s a text message or an image of.. well, you can guess.


Grindr is an online hookup app for gays, bi-sexual users and the rest of the LGBT+ community.

It’s one of the best cheating apps to use for men that are looking to cheat on their other half.

Like most dating apps, users may view the profiles of other users to decide which one is best for them to chat or meet.

Grindr has become popular with couples who haven’t yet left their spouse – otherwise known as cheating.


Because Bumble is an app that’s made for women, the app has become popular for married women looking to maintain secrecy.

They can join the app, then pick and choose which male users they send messages too – perfect for the cheater that wants to pick and choose their next partner.

So, they’ll send text messages to men that they’re interested in, and let them know that they’re looking for an exclusive engagement.

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of men that are only too happy to meet these requirements. Though Bumble is a great dating app, it’s commonly used for cheating too.

Facebook Messenger

The truth is that often betrayals start with people that the person already knows well.

It could be an ex lover, an old school friend or even someone that they met randomly at the gym.

Many cheaters will use Facebook Messenger to start a new relationship – it’s very easy to communicate with anyone from your Facebook Messenger.

Plus, Messenger also has the ability to keep these messages encrypted, which adds an extra layer of security to the chat.

Though Facebook Messenger can be used for good things, it’s a common cheaters app that you may want to check if you think your partner may be cheating on you.


How can you find out if someone is cheating on you? The truth is that you can usually see some telltale signs, like when your significant other is not paying attention.

If you look at your relationship closely, you should be able to tell whether or not he’s cheating. There are many different ways of doing this, and checking out the cheating apps above should be able to help you tell whether your other half is cheating.

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