Best Games like Episode

Episode, also known as Episode Interactive is an interactive story game that was developed and created by Pocket Gems. This app holds a platform of stories for users to read through and make interactive choices that affect the outcome of the storyline for each book. There are a ton of interactive story apps that have become popular over the years Episode is a really great choice if you want some fun easy reading.

Other interactive story apps include Tabou and Chapters. Each app has a leaning, Chapters for example concentrates mostly on Romance but has a variety of different genres included within the Romance genre. Episode has roughly 84,000 interactive stories to choose from and around 12 million users.

Best Games like Episode

What is Episode?


So to look at games like Episode we must first tell you a little bit about the game itself. The app as mentioned is an interactive story app, you choose a story in this case I was allocated a story that was based upon some preliminary choices that I made when setting up my account.

The story I played through was called ‘The Prince’s Bride’ don’t worry I won’t add any spoilers. Once you are in the story, you read through dialogue and customise your character with the closet. You change the appearance of your character, skin tone, eye shape, colour, hair etc. You choose some clothes for the start of the game, give your character a name and then you begin.

The first premium choice will hit soon enough where you realise you have to use Diamonds to pay for the option that is considered ‘Premium.’ However, because it was my first time playing this, I started off with no diamonds to make this purchase so chose the free option.

The premium choice unlocks bonus scenes and more explicit scenes in some cases so if you feel like reading an amateur version of 50 Shades of Grey then get hold of some Diamonds. In Episode the way to do that is through purchasing some from the app store, alternatively, you can play through the game and get a small number of diamonds at the end of the chapters.

A new chapter won’t be unlocked until you have read a previous chapter so you can’t skip through the book. Eventually, I wanted to check out some of the premium choices so I bought some diamonds from the store and continued through the game, you can also spend diamonds on outfits for your character that will affect people’s opinions of you within the story.



Chapters again are the same kind of interactive story game like Episode. It is basically the same premise but allows the player a little more freedom in terms of getting diamonds for free and progressing through books. You don’t have to unlock books on Chapters they are already open to read for you, there is a ton of different books on there for free so you won’t get bored. The main genre of chapters is Romance, although this incorporates genres like Supernatural Romance, Fairy-tale Romance, Hot Romance etc.

Chapters is a little cheaper in terms of diamonds need to make choices within the game which ultimately means you spend less money. Another feature of chapters that isn’t available on Episode is the VIP perks, you can buy a monthly subscription to get VIP books and some diamonds for purchasing your subscription initially, so I chose this option to get the welcome diamond with my first purchase.

Chapters also have an area where you can earn a decent amount of diamonds by reading the books and earning achievements, you get a daily log in bonus and you can watch ads to earn 4 diamonds at a time, which I utilised to make some premium choices and it turns out they are pretty generous with their give-away diamonds.

You also get 2 diamonds at the end of every chapter and 1 diamond at the beginning of a new chapter so you should start to see them mount up quite quickly if you don’t spend them on every premium choice. There is also a community on Chapters that comment on the books themselves. One of the tips I picked up is to save your diamonds and don’t make any premium choice for roughly 60 per cent of the books because they don’t really lead the story that much, it is better to save them towards the end of the book you are reading.



Tabou is a bit more of a raunchy interactive story game, definitely more like 50 Shades of Grey. I mean it’s right there in the name. The first game I played was the first one suggested to me ‘The Forbidden Fruit,’ it was about dating a college professor. It again works the same way in which Chapters and Episodes works, you purchase diamonds to make choices and unlock scenes. Tabou is definitely less for teens and more for adults though, it reminds me a lot of fan fiction.

Tabou also has an option to become a VIP which I chose because I wanted to check out how different it was from the other two apps I had tried. Out of the three, I tried the best app for free diamonds was definitely Chapters as there are more options to earn them along the way for free, but Tabou isn’t bad either.

The books in Tabou have more of a leaning towards the sexy side of literature, dealing with things I guess people consider taboo, like dating a Dom Billionaire, dating a college professor as a student and things that are considered naughty in general with a leaning towards fantasies.


In conclusion, all of the apps I looked at were fun in their own right. Depending on what you fancy reading and how much you want to spend. Out of the three apps, Episode forced you to spend more of your own money as there is no VIP sign up and the only way to get the number of diamonds they ask for on premium choices is to read a lot of books or purchase them yourself with your own money and then they don’t last long because the premium choices ask for more diamonds than they do in Chapters and Tabou.

The great thing about Chapters and Tabou is the VIP sign up, you get a bonus of diamonds for signing up and there are lots of deals if you do want to buy some diamonds for your choices. I think depending on what you feel like reading Chapters is an all-rounder in terms of fun, interactivity, choices and value for money actually spent.

Tabou is great at what it does but personally, I feel like I could get just as much out of reading free fan fiction online and it wouldn’t cost me anything. The pull of these games though is the interactivity so if you want to immerse yours3lf into a fairy tale or some sordid fantasy, give them a go, I doubt you’ll be disappointed at what you find.

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