Apps like Sims Freeplay for Android & iPhone

The Sims Freeplay is definitely still one of the most popular virtual apps you can find for mobile, with both Android and iOS having the game available.

It’s always at the top of the charts when it comes to rankings and reviews, as the game itself is very enjoyable, and is like a slimmed down and streamlined version of the old PC game that everybody loves.

However, after a while of playing the Sims Freeplay game, you may begin to get a little tired of it (hey, it’s natural with pretty much all games!).

So, what other similar games out there that you’ll enjoy if you like playing the Sims? That’s what we’re going to check out now.

Apps like Sims Freeplay

These games aren’t necessarily massively multiplayer online games, though most of them take on the single player video game format.

The Sims Freeplay does have some immersive gameplay, but the ads can be a little overwhelming and the in-game purchases can be overwhelming, which leads people to look into alternatives.

I should also mention that there are other Sims games that you can play too, like the Sims Mobile that offers a similar addictive gameplay, the ability to build your dream house and a great online virtual world that you can be a part of.

However, it does come with a price and an in-game currency that can add up, so here are some lower costing or free alternatives.

Virtual Families 3

If you’re having issues within the Sims app and you just want something extremely similar to play instead, then Virtual Families is will probably be your best bet.

It’s as close to the Sims as you’re going to get, and though it isn’t a complete carbon copy of the Freeplay app, there are noticeable similarities between them.

Life simulation games have proven increasingly popular over the last two decades, and there’s been many attempts to make a computer-style experience on a smaller mobile device.

Virtual families actually does this pretty well, and the amount of information the app can retain is pretty impressive.

The game revolves around you taking care of your family, and this can vary between adopting children to take care of to even having your own children in game later down the line, which you’re then expected to raise.

Like any family, you have the choice between raising your children with a lenient attitude or instead taking the firm but fair approach.

Both ways have their benefits and drawbacks, and finding the right balance between the two is an enjoyable part of the game.

Not only do you have to decide what’s best for your kids, but best for your family overall too.

This involves making the right career choices for your sim – each game will take your place in your own time zone too, so if you go on the age in the morning, the game will reflect that – pretty cool!

Though it may not quite be as good as the Sims itself, it’s a great replacement and worth checking out for any life simulation game fan.

Little Big City 2


If you like tycoon games and want to take things a step further than The Sims, you can create your own virtual world in Little Big City 2. There are life simulation elements to this game, but instead of looking after a family, you’re in charge of a whole town.

Your goal is to help transform a small town into a busy metropolis filled with virtual characters. You need to consider the construction, the technology and the food behind your town. It’s definitely one of the most addictive games on this list.

If creating your own built up island paradise sounds like something you’d be interested in, this is one of the best games you can download if you’re getting bored with The Sims.

Virtual Mother

If you really want to lean on the parenthood part of the Sims, then you could look at some games that focus on raising children.

One of these is Virtual Mother, which gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a Mom and take care of your child.

The game is really designed to give you all of the experiences that an everyday mother would have – this includes getting your kids up in the morning and ready for school, taking them to the park to have some fun and a ton of other activities that you’d take part in as a mother.

Whilst the kids are at school you can even sneakily sneak out and get to the gym too!

It is designed to be more fun than it is realistic, and there are various different quirks in the game that make it enjoyable.

But it does incorporate a lot of different functions like driving the car around, which is a little more difficult than it sounds.

One thing to be wary of is after you’ve completed all the different parts of the game, it can get quite monotonous, as it’s not as expansive and in-depth as a more complete game like the Sims.

But, if you’re looking for a good way to pass a bit of time, then you might want to give Virtual Mother a try.


Bitlife is very different than the Sims in its mechanisms, but many people that like the Sims will also appreciate what this game has to offer.

Though there’s been various different versions of the game released throughout the years, the current version is pretty great and expands a lot on the original version of Bitlife.

The similarities between this and other life simulation games is that you will have to make choices about your characters. From their original health and happiness through the day-to-day choices that your character makes.

This may start off as very easy, but the truth is that the choices that you make for your sims will result in them having a very different lifestyle later down the line.

The more choices you make and the further you progress in the game, the more experience your characters will get. And as you progress, you’ll slowly see their life take shape based on the consequences of your actions.

Your aim is to give your characters a happy life (or it should be, anyway!). The design of the game makes the app similar to Episode as it’s very interactive.

There’s a good reason why Bitlife is commonly ranked as one of the best role-playing games in the charts, and it has hundreds of thousands of good reviews across both the Android and iOS platforms.

So, whilst it’s not quite like the Sims, it’s probably worth you checking this app out if you want to have some fun.


In conclusion, even though the Sims Freeplay is still one of our favourite games you can play on Android and iOS, there are plenty of alternatives out there that you can check out too.

Some of them are almost identical to the Sims itself and are obviously heavily inspired by the game, whereas others may just have similar traits that make fans of virtual simulation games like both.

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