Discord 404 page not found – What to do

When Discord has trouble connecting or you fail to load a file, Discord will show you the 404 error page.

This can happen when you’re playing a game that’s connected to Discord. When you play a game with Discord in the background, it can change your Discord activity status.

You can add the game to your Discord status, and have it detect when you play the game. This can help showcase your gaming activity to your friends.

You can also use Discord’s overlay feature to access Discord features whilst in-game, such as viewing messages in chat.

Discord 404 page not found – What to do

When Discord detects a game, it will upload the information to its server. This connection can sometimes be faulty, and cause the 404 error page to appear when loading the game.

This will prevent you from playing the game usually, this is an issue with the users connection. Luckily, there are ways to fix the Discord 404 error.

Check Internet Connection

First of all, you should check your internet connection for any issues. If you’re having trouble with your internet, it would explain the Discord 404 error page. Discord could be having connection issues due to your internet connection.

To start with, check your internet router and look at the indicators. If any of the indicators are red, your internet may be having problems. Try playing a YouTube video to test out your internet stability.

If the video keeps buffering, try checking whether your internet provider is experiencing problems. You can do this by going on https://downdetector.co.uk/ and searching for your internet broadband.

If your internet broadband does seem to be having issues, try waiting a few hours before using Discord again.

If your internet router seems to be doing fine, try disconnecting and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network.

There may be an issue with your device’s connection to your router. Reconnecting to your network could help refresh the connection.

To disconnect to your Wi-Fi network, click on the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right and select the Wi-Fi symbol. This should turn off the Wi-Fi. Then, reconnect to the Wi-Fi by clicking on the Wi-Fi symbol again.

Alternatively, you can disconnect from the Wi-Fi network using the settings. Press Windows-key + I to open the settings, and select the ‘network and internet’ tab.

Click on the Wi-Fi option, and select ‘show available networks’ to view a list of available networks. Find the network you’re connected to, and click on it. Select the ‘disconnect’ option to disconnect from the network.

Next, reconnect to the network by clicking the ‘connect’ option. Now, try using Discord again to see if the error has been fixed. This is a common cause of a 404, and it can also be why Discord won’t download.

Restart App

If there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your internet connection, the Discord app may simply be experiencing some glitches or bugs. Try restarting the app to see if it fixes the 404 error.

To restart the Discord app, first exit the app. You can do this by clicking on the red ‘x’ in the top right corner.

You can also close the app in the Task Manager (Windows-key + X>Task Manager), or close it from the system tray (click on the arrow beside the taskbar).

Once you’ve exited the Discord app, open it again by double-clicking the Discord shortcut.

Disable In-Game Overlay

If restarting the app didn’t work in fixing the 404 error, try disabling the in-game overlay feature in Discord.

The in-game overlay feature allows users to access some of Discord features whilst in-game. By default, in-game overlay is enabled. You can disable the feature in the Discord settings.

To disable in-game overlay, open the Discord app and select the gear icon. Go on the ‘game overlay’ tab.

Find the option for ‘enable in-game overlay’, and toggle the switch for it off to disable it.

Now, restart the Discord app to see if the 404 error has been fixed.

Check Windows Firewall

Discord may be showing the 404 error page because of interference from Windows Defender Firewall.

The Firewall can block certain app activity from occurring as a protective measure. This means that the Firewall can also end up blocking harmless activity from happening.

To make sure that the Firewall is not affecting Discord’s activity, you can whitelist it in the Firewall settings. This will allows Discord to bypass the Firewall’s security measures.

Open Windows Defender Firewall by searching ‘windows firewall’ in the Start Menu. Select the ‘Control Panel’ option to open the Firewall.

Click on ‘allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’.


You should see a list of apps you’ve currently got installed. Scroll through them until you find the Discord app.

Beside the app, there should be two checkboxes. Check both boxes to whitelist Discord. When you’re done, click the ‘ok’ option to confirm the changes.

Now, restart the Discord app to see if the 404 error has been resolved.

Use Discord Website

If none of the solutions above helped you fix the 404 error, try just using the Discord website instead of the app.

You can avoid facing the 404 error this way. Go to discord.com/login and log into your account. This is a good temporary solution to use if you can’t open Discord.


In conclusion, you’re probably experiencing the 404 error page because of connection issues. Try checking your internet router or re-connecting to your Wi-Fi network, as this is the best way to fix an unstable internet connection.

Or, the issue may lie with your Firewall. Make sure Discord has been whitelisted to avoid interference from the Firewall to resolve your 404 error issue.

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