Why won’t Discord download? – How to fix installation

Discord is a free messaging application, which can be downloaded on their website. The app supports a multitude of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You just simply go on the website’s download page, and locate the correct download link for your device.

The first download link available is for Windows. For other platforms, scroll down the page to find other download links.

Why won’t Discord download

Unfortunately, there are times where Discord may fail to install properly. You may receive a download error, which states that the installation has failed.

This means that Discord wasn’t able to download onto your device correctly. Luckily, there are a few different ways to fix this issue.

End Discord Tasks

First of all, you should make sure that all Discord activity has been stopped. This means that any background installations or related processes should be ended. You can do this through the Task Manager, which showcases all current app activity on your device.

To open the Task Manager, simply press Windows-key + X and select the ‘Task Manager’ option.

Or, you can access the Task Manager through the Run Dialog box. Press Windows-key + R to open the Run Dialog box, and type ‘taskmgr’ in the window. Press Enter to run the command and open the Task Manager.


Locate the ‘process’ tab and click on it. Here, there should be a list of current app activity on display. Find any activity related to Discord, and end them.

You can end an activity by selecting it, and clicking the ‘end task’ option. Repeat this method for all Discord activity. When you’re finished, close the Task Manager.

Remove Discord Files

Next, you should remove any Discord files or folders you have. This includes files from previous installations, even if they also failed.

When you start downloading an application, such as Discord, files will appear in your File Explorer. This occurs even when the download has failed or halted.

You must delete these files or folders. These files can include app cache folders as well as installers.

To access these files, open the Run Dialog box by pressing Windows-key + R. Then, type %appdata% in the window, and click the ‘ok’ option to run the command. This should open up File Explorer.


You can also access these files by opening the Start Menu, and searching for %appdata%. Select the ‘open’ option to launch File Explorer.

Find the folder labelled Discord and delete it. You can delete it by selecting it, and pressing the Delete-key. This should get rid of some Discord cache and data.

Next, open the Run Dialog box again and type %localappdata%. Click the ‘ok’ option to run the command.

This will open up File Explorer. Find the Discord folder and delete it. You should now have deleted all of your Discord cache and data.

To locate any installers or download files for Discord, look in your downloads folder or whatever folder is set as your default download location. Delete anything you find.

Afterwards, restart your device and try downloading Discord again to see if it works.

Uninstall Previous Installations

Now, you should uninstall any previous Discord installations. Trying to download more than one Discord installation can cause issues sometimes.

To find any previous installations, open the Start Menu and search for ‘program’. Click on the ‘add or remove program’ option to open the ‘apps % features’ settings.

You can also access these settings by pressing Windows-key + I > Apps > Apps & Features.


Locate the Discord app by scrolling through the programs, or searching ‘discord’ in the search bar.

Once you’ve found the Discord app, click on the three dots next to it. Select the ‘uninstall’ option to uninstall the download.

Alternatively, you can uninstall Discord using the Control Panel. Open the Start Menu and search for Discord. Click the ‘uninstall’ option to open the ‘programs and features’ settings.

You can also find these settings by going on the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.


Scroll through the apps until you find Discord, or search for ‘discord’ in the search bar. Once you’ve located Discord, right-click on it and select ‘uninstall’.

Then, restart your device before attempting to download Discord once more.

Update Device & Drivers

If stopping Discord activity and deleting all Discord files/installations didn’t help solve the problem, the download may be failing due to compatibility issues.

You could be using an outdated OS or outdated drivers, which can cause compatibility issues between Discord and your device. You can fix this by updating your system and drivers.

To update your system, press Windows-key + I and navigate to the ‘windows update’ tab.


Here, any available updates should be displayed. You can also try searching for updates by clicking ‘check for updates’. Download any updates that are available to update your OS.

To update your drivers, go on the provider’s website and search for driver updates. Download any that are available to update your drivers. Make sure that you’re downloading the latest versions.

After updating your device and drivers, try downloading Discord again to see if the problem has been fixed.

Run Installer as Admin

If Discord is failing to download, the installer may be lacking admin privileges. This can prevent it from fully executing the download.

You can fix this issue by running the installer as an administrator. This will allows you to grant the installer admin rights.

To run the installer as an administrator, search for the installer in the Start Menu. Then, click on the ‘run as administrator’ option.

The installer should then proceed to run as an administrator. Make sure to click ‘yes’ to any prompts that appear. This will grant it admin rights.

Now, go through the installation process for Discord to see if you can download the app. When you reinstall Discord into your device, hopefully the Discord installation failed error will have been resolved.


In conclusion, Discord may be failing to download due to any previous installations you have on your device. Having more than one version of an app can cause issues, and fixing these installation files should resolve the error message.

Or, there may be some compatibility issues between Discord and your device. Try updating your OS and drivers to fix Discord processes.

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