How to clear Google Search Bar Widget

It’s difficult to ignore Google search on your Android smartphone, whether it’s a Google Pixel or Samsung phone, it’s integrated pretty much everywhere on Android

This usually wouldn’t be a massive problem, aside from the fact that in many cases, this search box occupies roughly half the screen.

This can be extremely annoying, especially when you have apps that you use often. Fortunately, it’s easy to clear the Google Search bar widget.

Deleting the Google Search Bar Widget from Screen

You can easily remove the Google Search Bar Widget from your display by holding down your finger on the widget for a second; then, when the Remove option appears at the top of your display, drag the widget up.

You’ll then be asked to confirm you want to Remove the Google Search bar – you can do this with the click of a button.

It’s actually extremely easy to remove Google Search Bar widgets as they’re just like any other widget on your homepage.

On some specific Android devices (like Samsung’s), you may only need to hold down on the widget for the Remove option to appear.

However, the premise is typically the same across Android devices, even if the method is slightly different. You can always add the widget back to the home screen later (just like you can add an app back to the home screen too).

Launchers & Rooting

There are other methods that you can use to get rid of the Google search bar widget that’s usually on your Android device home screen.

One of these is to use a Custom Launcher. You can download these from the Play store, and they’ll give you more customisation over your Android device.

Nova launcher is a popular one with many users, and this will give you the option to design your homepage however you want it.

You can also consider rooting your device, as you can get a whole different level of customisation with a rooted device.

Many apps are root required – rooting is basically just the Android version of jailbreaking your device.


Google is keen to retain its user-centric ecosystem, which is why they will try to keep the Google Search Bar in place on the main screen for all new devices.

It keeps you using Google products, and as Google own Android, it makes sense that they’ll integrate it wherever they can.

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate it from your home screen space by simply getting rid of the widget. Then, you can leave the space blank or replace it with another widget that you prefer.

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