Google App vs Chrome App: The Difference

For Android users, Google is the default when it comes to searching the internet.

They offer a specific app that allows you to search on Google, and this is installed as default on most Android devices.

But, you also have the option of using Google Chrome to surf the web. This gives a slightly different experience, and can integrate with many other Google services.

We’re going to look at some differences between using the Google app rather than Google Chrome on Android.

Google and Chrome: Web Browser Vs. Search Engine

If we’re comparing Google vs Chrome app, then it’s important to understand the difference between an internet browser and a search engine.

A search engine is essentially a massive index of all the best websites and content on the internet.

In comparison, a web browser uses search engines so that users can easily visit those websites – this is why often the Google app will link you through to Google Chrome.

Essentially, you use but you use Chrome app to actually view web pages. Both Google and Chrome have their place for most Android users.

However, the most common question is – can’t I visit Google Search Engine directly in the Chrome Browser?

And the answer is that yes, you could – but, there are a few things that the Google app bring to the table that might make it worth using.

Why use the Google app?

Why should we use the Google app at all on our smartphones or tablets? Well, there’s a few different reasons actually.

One os that the Google Apps can be accessed through one simple login, so you have all the relevant data when you’re logged in.

The Google App also offers a number of additional functions that are not available in the Chrome App.

Google Discover

If you want a personalised news feed that gives you daily content based around your own preferences, the Google Discover section of the Google app can be extremely useful.

It shows you articles and news based on what you’ve scrolled previously, so it should be pretty relevant for you. It’s great for sports, celeb gossip and the latest news that you wouldn’t see if you went directly through the Chrome browser.

Google Collections

Google Collections gives you the ability to save pages, images and more within the Google app so you can revisit them later. This can stop you having multiple tabs open in Chrome if you’re continually having to revisit the same page.

You can also save places with Collections, which can be used with Google Maps to save a location for a later date. Quick access and a clean user interface makes this feature worth checking out.

Google Assistant

The Android device equivalent of Siri for iPhone, Google Assistant allows you to talk with your device and use voice as opposed to touch.

This means that if you want to bring up something from your Google Drive or search history quickly, you can when using the assistant. You can’t do this with Chrome apps, so it’s another reason why you may want to keep the Google app.

Is Google or Google Chrome better?

While the Google app provides a functionality that allows users to access the internet or browse websites, this and Google Chrome are two distinct products, and one is not strictly better than the other.

As mentioned above, there are some specific reasons why you may be interested in the Google app. However, it will still often rely on Google Chrome to show you that information,

The Google Search Engine provides a great searching feature, while Google Chrome is able to provide the browsing itself – they work together for best performance, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Do I need both the Google app and Google Chrome?

The truth is that even if most people use both of these apps, you don’t really need either of them.

The Google app is designed to help improve your internet experience. But if you have the Google app installed and find having a search bar doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to use it.

The Chrome app is more important, but Google Chrome isn’t the only browser you can download to visit websites.

Currently, Chrome is Android’s default browser, but you can easily switch to a variety of other web browsers like Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Brave.

Though, all of them tend to work in a similar fashion to the Chrome browser, and if you want to access web pages on your phone, you’ll need a secure browser to do that.


In Chrome, users can enter the websites they want to visit and browse them directly, with different tabs too.

In comparison, the Google app opens websites just as Chrome does, but it helps to organise the web in a way that makes it easy to scroll through.

When you open a page within the Google app, you may be linked to a browser in a new tab. So, these apps generally work together.

However, if you want to get rid of the Google app and use the Chrome app exclusively, there’s nothing wrong with that – you can always perform a Google search from within Chrome.

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