Can you block someone on Hinge before matching?

The Hinge app is extremely popular, and one of the best things about the app is that you’l get a different pool of users compared to those on Tinder and Bumble.

However, you may still run into people that you know on Hinge. It’s a small world, and no one wants to have a conversation with your bestie’s ex.

Here’s what to do if you want to block contacts on Hinge before they get the chance to match you.

How to block someone on Hinge before matching them

The best way for you to block someone on Hinge before you match them is to use the Report function.

When you see them in your feed, you can use the three dots icon to bring up a small menu. Here, you can report the other user – in Hinge terms, this is the same as making them a blocked contact.

When you do this, they will immediately disappear from your timeline, and they’ll no longer appear in your feed. And from the other member’s view, you’ll no longer appear in theirs either.

This is the easiest way to put someone of your blocked contacts list and remove them from your connections. Check this post out if you want to learn how Hinge matching works.

In the past, Hinge was linked to your Facebook account, which meant that it was even more likely you’d bump into a friend or even worse, an ex – and no-one wants to see their ex on Hinge two weeks after breaking up.

Fortunately, you can easily block other users from seeing your Hinge profile by following the steps above. If you’ve already matched with them, you can unmatch them too.

How to Remove a Match

You’ll probably find someone that shares your interests and you’ll be able to identify your photos. Obviously this is not your only chance of getting to know another man.

If you decide that you’ve matched them accidentally, or you’ve just changed your mind because they seem like a bit of a drip, you can do this easily within your account.

Just head to the other users profile icon and select the menu icon in the top right corner – here’ you’ll see the “unmatch” option pop up.

Please note that once you’ve unmatched someone, there’s no way that you can match them again on the platform.

When you unmatch someone, they cannot see your profile anymore – it is effectively the same as blocking them from viewing your account – but obviously you’ve already matched them, so it might be a bit awkward if you bump into them in real life.

How to Tell if someone Blocked You on Hinge?

If one match suddenly disappears in your match queue, there’s a chance that it could be because of another reason – but usually, it means you’re blocked.

They will disappear from your contact list in your Hinge account, from the matches tab and you’ll no longer be able to send them messages.

They may have also deleted their account but.. let’s face it, if you were that special, they wouldn’t have deleted their account anyway (sorry, not sorry).

What if You Mistakenly Blocked Someone?

If you accidentally blocked someone, there is no option for you to find your Hinge match in the same account.

Alternatively, you can reset your account by deleting it immediately after restarting with a new one.

By doing this, all matches and swipes are reset and you can match again with the blocked profile. It sucks when this happens, but fortunately it’s rare due to Hinge’s user design.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked On Hinge

Before ending this post, we’ll discuss how you can avoid getting blocked on Hinge, and how you may be able to stop others from blocking you.

The obvious answer is to not do anything worthy of being blocked, otherwise they’ll take permanent action against you.

This means no weird comments on other people’s photos, and make sure to keep giving your existing matches some attention – otherwise, you could end up on their blocked contacts list pretty quickly.


Some people find that Hinge is not the perfect dating app for them, even after trying both the free and the paid version. This can be because you end up getting too many matches and having too many conversations going at the same time.

A good way to avoid this is to block people before they even get the chance to reach out – this can be helpful in narrowing down your searches.

Fortunately, it is possible to block contacts in Hinge by using the three dots in the menu icon and then selecting the Report function, which will stop the other using from seeing your profile.

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