How to find someone on Hinge

There are several dating apps out there that have a great search function built into it. This includes popular apps like Ok Cupid, which revolve around heavy search filters allowing you to really narrow things down to a small pool of matches.

But can you do this same thing on Hinge? We took a quick look at the app to see whether it was possible to find users easily using the Hinge app.

Is there a way to search for someone on Hinge?

The answer is that unfortunately, there’s no way for you to find someone specific when you’re using Hinge.

This is because the social networking website has no Search option, so there are no easy ways to find anyone through an app.

Some websites may say that it is possible to use tricks to find someone in Hinge.

However, the ability to find a person through the platform isn’t possible, so it’s likely they’re trying to get you to sign up for something else.

Has it always been this way?

The main reason why a lot of users think it’s easy to find people on Hinge is that the Hinge app used to be linked to your Facebook account.

This meant that seeing people you already know in real life was extremely common, as you’d often bump into friends and exes on the platform.

So, it makes sense that you’d be able to search for someone on Hinge too, just like you can on Facebook.

However, Hinge was bought a few years ago by the Match Group, and they eventually took away this feature from the app and moved in a more private direction.

So, your Hinge matches on the app should be much more random now.

Activity Status on Hinge

Hinge also never used to have an activity status on the platform, but that eventually changed too.

Like most social medias (Facebook, Twitter etc) there weren’t any green dots that tell you who has posted a message.

However now, you can tell when someone is also active on the Hinge platform by looking at their Hinge account.

There are two different main activity statuses – Active now, and Active today. This is a good way to check whether the other user has been on the platform recently.

How to find someone from Hinge on Instagram?

The same way that you cannot find Facebook users by searching through Hinge, you cannot do this on Instagram either.

And, you wouldn’t think that you’d be able to do this the other way around – but actually, it is possible to find someone on hinge on another platform if you’re lucky.

There are really two ways that you can do this;

Reverse image search the other user’s Hinge profile picture in Google – this is often from their Instagram account, and you’ll be able to find the same picture on there too. You can use Google Lens to do this.

The second way to do this is to use their Hinge username to identify their Instagram account. Many users often use the same or similar name in Hinge to their social media account handles too. So, enter their handle into Google search along with Instagram to find it.

This is not a guaranteed way of finding people from Hinge on other platforms. However, it does work more often than you’d think.


Many users want some level of secrecy when they start using dating apps, and to get away from other people that they may have dated in the past.

Luckily Hinge has no search bar and therefore searching someone directly in the app is impossible. According to Hinge FAQs, it is impossible to find individuals on Hinge – so, there’s really no way of getting past this.

There are a few ways that you can find Hinge users on other platforms by being sneaky, but unfortunately there’s no way to do this in reverse.

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