Why is my call volume low on Android?

The sound quality of Android phones is normally pretty good, however sometimes it can be very difficult to hear sound coming from your device.

There are a few reasons why this could have happened, from your volume settings having been accidentally lowered or an issue with the speakers of your device.

In this article, we will look at some common ways you can get your device’s volume back to normal.

How can I increase my phone’s call volume?

In most case if you’re dealing with a low call volume on Android, it’s usually resolved by simply restarting your device. This will resolve the issue if it’s an issue

In other cases, you may need to adjust your phone settings, as it could be software related. Usually this, can be done pretty easily. As a last resort, you may want to revert your phone back to factory settings.

However in most cases, it can be fixed without having to do that. Here’s how you can fix call volume low Android issues on your phone.

Check app settings

If the volume is low only when you’re using specific apps, it may be possible for you to adjust the app volume from there. Changing the volume within the individual app itself might be the solution you need.

For example, a phone app that plays audio can limit the volume of other apps even whilst it’s running in the background – noise cancellation and EQ apps are well known for this.

So, running through the apps that you have enabled can be a good idea to ensure none of them are causing low volume.

You can also consider just closing all open programs, as this would ensure that you resolve the issue.

Clean the Speaker Openings

Phone speakers can become cluttered with dirt and debris, and this can eventually clog speaker outputs produce a muffled sound.

Android phones often collect debris and dirt that muffle calls, but thankfully it’s possible to clean speakers by hand with a cleaning liquid, spirits with Q-tips. It’s worth doing this if your phone is stuck at a low volume.

Update the OS

Minor bugs and glitches often result in a loss of volume, and an outdated operating system can be the cause of that.

Fortunately, it’s easy for someone to update their OS from within the Settings of your Adrnoid device.

This allows users to quickly and effectively solve problems by upgrading OS, including when your phone speaker volume is lower than it should be.

Reboot your device

Sometimes, it could be an issue with the volume settings on your Android device that’s causing the issue.

The best thing that you can do in this scenario is to reboot your device, as this will reset your phone so you can then use it from scratch.

Noise cancellation feature

In some of the latest Android versions noise cancelation is activated as standard on the phone.

If you have an older model of Android device, this may have an effect on how well you can hear the call volume when making and receiving calls.

Usually, you can go into the Settings app of your Android device and adjust the noise cancellation feature if it’s enabled, which can resolve the low volume issue for you.

Get the device checked

Regardless of what is described above, it may be that you are dealing with a hardware problem and not a software problem,

In this kind of scenario, you don’t have much option but to get the device checked and sending it in for repair.

This will let you know whether there’s a fundamental problem with your iPhone, or you could’ve resolved it yourself – though running through our troubleshooting steps will fix things 99 times out of 100.

Why do Android phone sounds go low as the phone ages?

With every new phone, eventually over time the hardware of your device can be damaged.

This can be from simply dropping a device or ritually charging it, which can have an effect on its internal components and battery life.

Plus, Android devices collect dirt over time as well, which may reduce the sound in phone speakers and possibly damage the device.

This can happen with your phone when you’re making voice calls, or with your media files when you’re listening to music.

Fortunately, in most cases you’re able to resolve the issue and fix your Android device so you can get your phone’s volume back up to a normal level.


Having a low volume is a problem that appears occasionally as an inconvenience, but fortunately you can usually resolve this by adjusting the settings of your device.

It’s usually easily fixed, like when your phone speaker comes on automatically. Though this problem can usually be solved by checking your volume settings, there are a few other reasons why it may occur.

So, it’s worth running through the troubleshooting steps above to ensure that you can resolve the problem.

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