Android Auto Answer Calls: How-to

Sometimes answering an individual phone call can be a burden, either when you’re driving or otherwise engaged.

In some cases, you may need voice commands to use your phone, in which can an auto answer feature would be greatly appreciated.

On landline, an automated answering system is installed for such situations and tells the person to stop calling the number. Unfortunately, Android phones don’t often have such functionality either.

How to Auto Answer Calls on Android: Download an app

If you want the ability to auto answer calls on your Android phone, your only option is to download an app onto your device that will allow you to do this.

However, there aren’t many Android apps that can answer automatically successfully. They have different functions, and many of them will not work as well as they claim.

Though, there are a couple of apps that can be used for auto answering calls – here’s the best ones.


The Vani app aims to answer calls using your voice, and focuses on the voice of the user as a speaker.

This means that it’s actually a little better than an auto answer app – you can also answer phone numbers by voice, which means that you don’t need to worry about the phone picking up whilst you’re busy.

You can use voice commands to pick up – simply saying “Hello” will automatically answer calls for you. However, you can also say “No” if you want to reject the call too, which turns out to be extremely useful.

This is a solid smartphone app to downloads as it offers many features – you can also use the search function to look through your call history.

So, it’s worth downloading if you want to answer phone calls without touching your phone display.


The MotoAnswer app is configured in a certain way specifically for bikers and drivers that need the functional ability to auto answer calls on their device.

This makes it easier to control the auto-answer function, though it’s much simpler than most other calling and messaging apps as you won’t have much in terms of customisation.

However, there are some features in the app including the ability to enable voice answering, which can be extremely useful if you’re looking for an app for someone with disabilities that doesn’t want to auto answer calls.


The Autotext mobile app is a text messaging app for sending replies to texts with a simple text.

It has several other features including the ability to answer incoming calls automatically, and automatically respond to any missed calls that you’ve received.

The app can also be used for SMS bulk messaging for customers.

It’s mainly a text messaging app, but it can also be used for phone calls too – you can use it in tandem with most popular messaging apps like Messenger and Instagram too, as well as Samsung Messages and Google Messages.


How do people respond to telephone calls while driving cars? Sometimes urgent requests need answering, in which case, an auto answer app can be extremely useful as you don’t even need to manually answer calls.

A good Auto Answer App allows users to receive calls while driving or otherwise pre-occupied without having to worry about answering the call manually.

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