Android speakerphone comes on automatically? Here’s the reason

The speaker on mobile phones is one of the most useful features for some people – it allows you to hear everything the other person is saying without having to put the phone to your ear.

You can usually switch this mode on and off on your device, however there may be some instances where your phone enables speakerphone mode automatically. If this is the case, this is what you should do.

Speakerphone mode automatically comes on – Reasons

In most cases, the reason that your speakerphone will automatically turn on when you answer or make a call is because of an app you’ve downloaded onto your device.

The settings in this app tell your phone’s in-built audio that it should answer a call in speaker mode, which uses your phone’s speaker on loud. It can be pretty frustrating, but it’s usually quickly resolved.

If you want to turn off speakerphone mode automatically coming on when you answer or make a call on Android, you need to work out why it’s coming on in the first place.

Check your apps

The most common cause of your speakerphone feature coming on automatically on an Android phone is down to one of the apps you’ve got installed on your device.

There are various apps that could cause this, so you’ll need to go through them manually to try and figure out of one of them is causing the issue.

It could be caused by a smart driving feature, a profile scheduling app or it could be an app that helps you to automatically answer calls when you receive them.

It could also be a call recording app that’s causing this issue, as well as potentially being a messaging app you’ve download – Viber is known for causing this issue.

Look at your GPS settings

What could be causing your speakerphone feature to come on automatically is the GPS settings.

You can access these by going into your Settings and then selecting Security and Location, then tapping Location and then Mode.

You can then change the mode that you’re using within your GPS settings. Switching between the different options may allow you to fix this speakerphone feature issue.

See your connections

Another one of the most common reasons why your speakerphone may come on automatically is that your device is registering a cable connected to your phone (even where there may not be a cable connected to it).

This may make your device think you’re intended to connect your phone to audio (in your car or stereo), which forces the speakerphone to come on.

Restarting your Android phone should resolve this in the majority of cases.

Reset your device

If you think that the speakerphone mode coming on could be a temporary glitch with your Android phone, reset your device is a good idea.

This is worth doing if this issue has just randomly just started happening out of nowhere and you haven’t installed any new apps onto your phone.

Simply resetting your device can allow you to receive incoming calls and make calls without having to worry about the speakerphone feature coming on.

Check your Android phone Settings app

Although it doesn’t appear that every phone has the same features, there are some Android devices that allow you to change this function within the settings.

If you want to automatically switch on the speakerphone, you should check within your Call Settings to see if it’s enabled. Then, click VoiceMail and then check Speakerphone.

You can also go into your settings and look for Smart Services, which may be another way this Setting is presented.

This function can allow you to enable and disable the speakerphone mode from your Settings app. Though it’s not common for most Android device, it is a possibility.


The use of speaker phones can be an extremely convenient addition to your Android phone, whether you’re in the office or outside where it is difficult to help.

However, usually it is easy to turn your speakerphone on and off without much issue.

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