Best Music Sync Apps to stream across Multiple Devices

A music sync app allows you to to share and play music across different devices whilst all using one app. So, the music can be played on a different device simultaneously, which can help to enhance the overall sound being played.

This can come in handy when partying with friends and relatives. Anyway, here’s some of the best music sync apps that are worth downloading if you want to stream to several devices at once.

SoundSeeder Music Player – For Android

If you want a simple music sync app that you can download to play music across multiple devices simultaneously, SoundSeeder is probably your best option.

SoundSeeder allows you to sync a variety of songs with your phone. You do not need Internet connectivity – the app runs over WiFi, making it perfect for parties.

It allows you to listen to your own music via the app, or you can make use of access to over 25,000 Radio Stations. The volume can be controlled remotely from your computer or Android device too.

The application can be run on Android and be installed on a computer running Windows or Linux – unfortunately, at the time of writing there’s no alternative for Mac or iOS devices.

The free version of SoundSeeder restricts sharing between two devices, so you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version if you want to create your own silent disco. If you install a software update you get unlimited use of the entire system.

This is one of the only apps that allows you to sync music with a Spotify premium account too, though you’ll need to download HiFy as well to do this.

However, for Spotify users, this is one of the best music sync apps for Android devices.


Rave is an open-source application that lets you enjoy music and video with friends.

It can connect you to people of all over the world using the app, either for a Watch Party for TV and film or for our purposes, listening to music together simultaneously.

It allows you to use your device the audio devices and share whatever track you play within the app to your friends in the same watch room. The app has integration with most of the big apps too, including Amazon Prime.

The app also has a music mixer, which allows you to blend and mix tracks yourself then have everyone have access to the recording, which can be fun.

Rave was developed to stream video with each other when users are apart, but they also have a good music party mode element to the app too where you can connect your phones together and start your own party.

So, if you want the ability to watch videos on Youtube or Netflix as well as having the opportunity to sync music with other devices, Rave should be your first download.


AmpMe ie on of the most popular free music apps for syncing music with multiple devices. It is compatible with both Android smartphones or iOS devices, though it tends to be more popular with Apple users as it works well with Apple Music.

You can also use it with iTunes, a Spotify account Deezer and many more. It’s a simple enough app to navigate and use if you want to play music across multiple devices simultaneously.

It is pretty easy to share a song with people around you and control the playlist for all of you so that all of your devices play music from the same devices remotely.

AmpMe is worth a quick look if you are looking to boost the sound coming from your speakers. You can also link the app to your Google and Facebook account too, which means it’s easy to know when your friends nearby are online and ready to party.

DoubleTwist Music & Podcast Player

Another efficient music sync app, Doubletwist enables you to use the same player across all devices as the music sync application. Though not a specialised music sync app, it can be use for wireless sync due to its Airsync function.

DoubleTwist allows users to connect to almost any streaming service and works well with both Airplay and Chromecast.

It’s possible to play music on your phone whilst you’re offline – you can listen to music or podcasts using the DoubleTwist.

You can quickly listen to the podcasts on your mobile device if you wish, and when you need to, you can use DoubleTwist to connect your devices together.


Streaming music across multiple devices at once isn’t something that your average music download app has.

Unfortunately, you’ll often need to go off in search of specialist music sync apps that give us the possibility to do this.

Hopefully, this list of the best music sync apps helps make the right decision so you can then download the app via Android or iPhone.

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