Best postcard app for UK mail

Everyone likes receiving postcards, though in the modern day we rarely get any. However, postcard apps offer a good way to quickly send postcards to your loved ones, so they’re worth downloading.

However, it’s really tough to know which service to use when it comes to postcard apps, as there’s a wide variety of different options to choose from.

Here’s a few of the best postcard apps that you can download if you want to send postcards to friends and family.


MyPostcard is one of the best postcard apps for both Android or iOS devices.

Within the app you can easily create personalised greeting cards, photoprint, postcards and more than this – but what the app excels in is making a traditional postcard.

You can create posts with up to 9 photos per image in the main layout, though it will have some corners trimmed to fit a white edge. You can edit the borders of your postcard pretty easily.

After doing this, you can then add text and apply filters. If you choose to switch postcard layouts to portrait or landscape you can also alter your color backgrounds.

You can also create audio cards too which will get sent with your voice message inside. When they open up your customizable audio card, the CE certified sound chip will play your chosen audio message, whether it’s your voice or a song.

The MyPostcard postcard app lets you create and design a customised postcard. And of course, you can digitally hand sign the postcard before it gets sent too. It’s the best postcard app for UK users that want to send a customised postcard.


Another good app that you can use to send postcards is TouchNote, which you can download from the Google Play store or the Apple App store.

The layout is created in 6 pictures and adds short captions on the front; though there are plenty of templates to use within the app, but you can upload your own photos so if you want to personalise things.

And in terms of personalisation, Touchnote offers handwritten and typewritten font options which work well with the photo prints that you use.

It’s convenient, and your postcards can be delivered to anyone anytime with free international shipping for those sending postcards abroad. This is another apps that allows you to send beautiful postcards within a few minutes.


If you simply want to upload a photo to an app, add a small text message and then send, Postsnap might be the right choice. Though it’s typically for sending photo prints, you can also send postcards via the service too.

You can use the classic postcard template, you can use them to send cards for Christmas, Birthdays and much more. If you’re sending postcards within the UK, it may only take a few days to reach its destination too.

It offers speedy delivery, and a variety of different payment options like Apple Pay, card payment and even bank transfer if necessary too. Though it’s nothing revolutionary, Postsnap has a high print quality that makes them a little bit special for sending postcards.

Common Questions about Postcard Apps

What’s the most well known app that sends postcards?

TouchNote is probably the most well known postcard app on the market. The app provides you with personalized postcards, greetings cards and great gift ideas too. You can either upload your favourite pictures to the app or use one of 3000 unique designs within the TouchNote app.

What is the best postcard app UK?

We’ve taken a look at some of the best postcard apps available that allow you to send postcards within just a few taps of a button. We think that is MyPostcard the best postcard app for UK users.

How do I make a postcard on my phone?

If you want to design a postcard yourself on your phone, you can use one of the apps listed that allow you to create fully personalized postcards that use your own photos or images from your social media accounts.

How do I send a digital postcard?

There’s a difference between a postcard app and sending a digital postcard. Postcard apps allow you to send physical postcards to your loved ones quickly, whereas digital postcards are only used to send a digital version of a postcard to your friends and family’s inboxes.


Opting to send a postcard is an excellent way to share pictures with friends in a different way, as they’ll likely be surprised to receive it in this modern technological world. It’ll be ideal if you like sending cards whenever and anywhere.

The best postcard apps are scarce, as there’s actually not that many different options available. However, the apps we’ve mentioned have an easy and simple interface to use.

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