Best Barcode Scanner app for Grocery Shopping

When it comes to the best barcode scanning apps for smartphones and tablets, there’s a few different options you can choose from.

Barcode scanners are handy little tools – they can be used to scan almost anything in supermarkets and using the universal code, help you to create your own shopping list.

The right barcode scanner app lets you create a shopping list as you scan the barcode of your items, helping you add products you wish to purchase as you go.

Let’s look at some of the best barcode scanner app for Android and iOS devices.

Out of Milk

Our favourite option when looking to use a barcode scanner app when going shopping is Out of Milk.

If you’re the kind of person that works well with To-do lists, this is the right app for you. It separates your shopping list into three different sections: Shopping Lists, Pantry Lists and To-Do list.

This is a really easy way to keep track of what you’ve actually got at home in the kitchen. Your shopping history will remember items too, so there’s no need to manually add them again.

You can easily copy between your lists too, and when you run out of something at home, you simply need to add it to your list.

Plus, one of the main pros of Out of Milk is that you can sync the app with other devices, meaning that several of you can access the same account – handy if you’re not the only one doing the shopping.

This is currently the best barcode scanner app when it comes to grocery shopping, and it’s worth trying if you are looking for a barcode app that actually works. It’s available for both Android devices and iOS too.

Grocery List app

Another great app to download when you go grocery shopping is literally called the Grocery List app.

This app is great for prices, so if you’re a stickler for a bargain and finding the cheapest price possible, it’s worth checking it out.

If you buy the same items on a regular basis, you can use the app to scan a barcode and see how much the price of each item is at different stores. It has a good database that you can use, so you’ll be able to see where a product is cheapest.

It’s easy to sync shopping lists with your loved ones, and the app offers good backup options too. Even though it’s simple, this Grocery List app is definitely worth testing if you love making shopping lists.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner app

There’s actually not that many barcode scanner apps for Android devices, but another one we like is ShopSavvy’s barcode scanner app.

You can use the app to set alerts for when you’re running low on certain items, or even get notifications on cheap prices depending on your location.

The app has a solid in-built search function that can be used to browse through various products and get a price history on them too, which helps when it comes to saving money.

If you want to compare prices across a variety of different platforms like Amazon and eBay, downloading this barcode scanner app may be the right idea.

Common Questions about Barcode Scanner Apps

What are barcode scanner apps?

A bar code scanner is a system that reads barcodes from photographs to alphanumeric characters, and a barcode scanner app is simply the application that allows you to do that. Supermarkets manually use a scanner to do this, but we can do the same thing with our smartphones. The scanner will match the barcode data to the relevant data in the database as you can get more details about the item.

What are the benefits of barcode scanner apps?

Bar Code Scan apps have countless advantages that people can use for a variety of purposes, with the main one being the easy identification of products – they need to be linked up to a data matrix to be effective, as barcodes contain specially encoded information.

Is there a free barcode scanner app?

is a free app for smartphones and tablets. It provides quick access and a secure way to scan bar codes for information, and it can be used with both bar codes and QR codes too.

Can you scan QR codes without an app?

Yes, pretty much every smartphone includes a QR code scanner that you can simply use by opening up your camera – no additional apps are needed to scan QR codes. However, this works a little differently than a barcode scanner app, which uses a different scanning system to find items.


A Barcode scanner app can make your day-to-day much easier – besides spotting the product on an internet site, code scanners have numerous uses like helping you find cheaper deals (similar to voucher apps).

By using a barcode scanner app that’s linked to a large retailer database, you can be sure that you’re always getting the best deal.

Barcode scanner apps should be compatible with many different databases, and they’re typically easily used too, making them a no brainer.

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