Best outfit planner apps for planning your wardrobe

An outfit planning app can be the final piece in the puzzle where your fashion sense is concerned. They help you make logical choices and plan your daily look.

These apps vary in their design, but their goal is the same – help save time and money while improving your wardrobe.

So, we’re going to take a look at some of the best outfit planner apps that you can download if you’re looking to plan your wardrobe.


If you’re looking for a full revamp of your wardrobe and style, Cladwell is probably the best app for outfit suggestions. They have various templates you can tweak and adjust to create your own digital wardrobe.

Cladwell has an inventory of 16000 outfits that you can use as templates of your wardrobe by finding something similar. This helps a lot when matching top and bottom, as it allows you to create an entire outfit based on your own personal style.

If you have a unique piece of clothing, you can simply take a snap and upload it, then remove the background. The background removal software is excellent, so if you’re willing to take some time snapping your whole wardrobe, it’s one of the best outfit planning apps where you can use your actual clothing items.

Once you’ve filled your wardrobe up with clothes, you’ll then be given daily advice on what you should wear each day to make sure you look good. This is seasonal, so the app will always assemble outfits that are practical.

Cladwell is our favourite option for outfit suggestions and fashion advice – just make sure you do your laundry because it can be upsetting when it recommends a fire outfit that’s in the washing basket!

Save your wardrobe

Another one of the best outfit planning apps to download if you want to replicate your current wardrobe, Save Your Wardrobe has a sleek design and allows you to create a smart closet based on real life.

After uploading photos on your wardrobe, you can remove the background and then add them to your smart closet to see how they look with other pieces of clothing.

Each time you make a purchase, you can add that clothing item to the wardrobe list and integrate it in with your current clothing items.

It’s quite a simple app, but it works well with plenty of style inspiration and outfit ideas based on what will look good on you.

The app also has an awesome services feature that can come in handy if you need to get an outfit repaired or dry cleaned prior to an event.


When you open Stylebook, you’ll be met with an easy guide on how to use it – though most of it is self explanatory, it’s a solid outfit planning app that will suggests outfits based on various different stylish outfits that can be made from your closet.

You can quickly fill your wardrobe up by taking pictures of your real life clothing, which you can then choose to mix and match clothing together.

One of the other features that Stylebook adds in well is the ability to create packing lists. This can come in handy if you’re a frequent traveller, as you can create a packing list quickly within the app.

Another good thing about Stylebook is that they have a stats feature that shows which clothing items in your wardrobe are getting worn most, which is useful if you want to know what to buy more of.

Stylebook syncs all its content with an iPhone and iPad via an online Cloud backup. This means that you can switch between devices easily, which can be very handy.

Overall, Stylebook is a great app if you’re looking for your own personal stylist. It allows you to create outfits out of your entire wardrobe, making it one of the best apps for outfit planning.

XZ closet

If you want a simple outfit planning app, XZ closet may be worth a download. It started becoming more popular when the fashion app Polyvore shut down.

It allows you to create your own electronic wardrobe based on your real life clothing items, helping you to create stylish looks day in day out.

You can upload your own photos to XZ closet which then allows you to plan outfits easily with your own virtual closet.

It’s great for adding all of the outfits you own already, and then adding in new styles and tops that you’re thinking about buying to get an idea of how they look together.

As one of the simplest outfit planning apps, it’s a good choice if you have various different outfit combinations that you want to see how they look together.


Planning the perfect outfit is more difficult than most of us would care to admit, but it shouldn’t be. Thankfully, outfit planner apps are becoming more and more popular as many of us shop from home.

The apps mentioned above can help you plan out your outfits in advance, which can help get rid of any pre-event stress. So, hopefully our list of outfit planning apps above can help you to create outfits based on your own style and taste.

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