Best paid Android apps to download

They say the best things in life are free – and this is true, to an extent. Though we all like getting things without paying for them, sometimes it may not be possible to get what you want done using free apps.

For the best apps, you often have to pay a small one time fee or subscription. Here’s some of the best paid Android apps that are worth every penny.


Probably the best paid app you can download if you’re looking to save time, Tasker allows you to automate repetitive tasks that you do every day.

Tasker is an advanced task manager app for Android devices that will automatically handle things like your photos and messages.

Always turn your phone to silent at a specific time? Tasker can automate that for you. Need to switch the brightness down before bed-time? Easy to set up in Tasker.

Though some might find the micro-managing too much, it’s simply an app that allows you to manage multiple tasks within the same platform.

And if you’re looking to save time, there’s no better productivity app for getting things done.


Everyone knows Netflix, and when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in cinema and TV, it’s likely people will be talking about something on the platform.

Whether that be watching movies from its wide library, or checking out one of its acclaimed Original television series like You, The Witcher, Orange is the New Black, Squid Game, Ozark, The Queen’s Gambit and many many more.

There’s also a good variety of documentaries on Netflix that you can watch too, like the Tinder Swindler and Making a Murderer.

Netflix is the top video streaming mobile app for a reason – they have the biggest and best catalogue of shows for you to tune into.

Aqualert Premium

Are you drinking enough water? There’s a good chance that the answer to that question is no, and this is where an app like Aqualert can come in super handy.

Drinking the right amount of water each day is important, and it varies so much based on your height and gender. With Aqualert, you can enter your weight and activity levels to know the precise amount of water you should be drinking every day for optimal health.

Aqualert Premium also provides you with customized advice on how you consume your water, including regular reminders and a display of your absorption level.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness then drinking the right amount of water is one of the best ways that the average person can do this without making drastic changes to their diet – and Aqualert can help with that.


Sometimes it’s impossible to take the perfect picture, and if you scroll back through your Photos, you’ll find plenty of pics that could be the perfect profile photo is something wasn’t in the picture.

TouchRetouch lets you eliminate unwanted objects from your photos quickly and easily. You can integrate it with your Gallery app, and then scroll through all the photos that you’ve taken

TouchRetouch is a powerful image editing program that’s repackaged as a simple to use editor, with drag and drop functions.

Plus, it’s a small one-time fee to get rid of the in-app ads forever, and this is what makes it worth paying for as one of the best photography apps.


WolframAlpha is a great Android app if you’re looking for an educational resource that’s unparalleled – it is filled with interesting and useful information.

After installing the app you can use it to learn about science, maths, literature, history and others subjects. Though the app is heavily math focussed, there’s actually access to a plethora more information from within the WolframAlpha platform.

The truth is that WolframAlpha isn’t the type of app that you just download and enjoy – you need to learn how to use it. But once you do, you can use it to your advantage and learn at a much faster rate.


It’s not always easy to pick the right app for your Android device – though free apps are usually more than enough, you may need to upgrade to a paid app to get exactly what you want.

We’ve rounded out some of the best Android apps that you can download across several categories, so hopefully you can use this roundup to find exactly what you want.

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