Breaking Down the Best Food Delivery Apps in the UK: Convenience at Your Fingertip

Food delivery apps have taken off at an exceptional rate in the United Kingdom over the past 5-10 years with more and more Brits preferring the ease of ordering food in over going to the supermarket and making meals from scratch.

While this isn’t good for your bank balance and potentially even your health, anything that makes life a little less stressful is often welcomed with open arms. It is now estimated that the total market value of food delivery services in the UK is over £10.5bn so it’s a fantastic industry to be in if you can make your app stand out from the crowd.

Below, we are going to run through the six best food delivery apps in the UK and tell you why you need to get each one installed on your phone.

Best Food Delivery Apps in the UK

Best food delivery apps in the UK – The top five

Just Eat

Just Eat is the biggest food delivery app in the UK with more restaurants and takeaways aligned with the app than any other. In the UK, over 29,000 restaurants can be found on Just Eat which means you will never be short of food options when using the app to order food delivery.

Unfortunately, its sheer size is perhaps one of its main negatives too. As Just Eat aren’t overly picky about which places can call their app a home, there is a greater chance of you ordering from a place with poor hygiene ratings or with undercooked food.

The app itself could be more user-friendly too. If you are unsure on what to order then you can become overwhelmed by all the categories, niches and filters on the app. If you do know what you want, though, then it’s hard to beat especially as their fees are lower than their main competitors.


Deliveroo is arguably Just Eat’s main competitor in the UK when it comes to food delivery and while they don’t quite rival them in terms of numbers, they do rival them in terms of quality – both in user experience and food.

Deliveroo is a much easier app to navigate than Just Eat and also feels slicker. Their categories are better defined which allows users to get to the stage of actually ordering food in a shorter amount of time and their delivery speeds are usually better, too, as they have their own set of drivers as opposed to Just Eat who rely on each restaurant’s own people.

In terms of food options, you will see more restaurants and chains on Deliveroo and fewer local takeaways. Therefore, if you want reputable places with quick delivery times, this is the app for you.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the final member of the “big three” when it comes to the best food delivery apps in the UK. Uber Eats entered the game after Deliveroo and Just Eat which put them at a disadvantage but the fact they are a spinoff from the hugely popular Uber brand meant the gap wasn’t particularly difficult to close.

Uber Eats is more like Deliveroo than Just Eat in that it focuses on chains and restaurants instead of local takeaways and it was the first app to make the McDelivery dream a reality in the UK. You will also find local shops and supermarkets on Uber Eats which means you can even get groceries delivered through the app.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is wildly different to the aforementioned three apps but it is still a fantastic food delivery app in its own right. Instead of providing users with ready-made, piping-hot food, it provides them with exact ingredients and simple recipes to create gorgeous, healthy food in double-quick time.

Users sign up on a week-by-week basis and are able to select which recipes they like the look of and then the delivery team will get the box of ingredients delivered to their door. It’s technically more expensive than your typical takeaway delivery service but it’s far healthier and you get more for your money.


Gousto is a very similar service to Hello Fresh but customers who have tried both often claim that Gousto is superior. Their meals are apparently more exciting and varied while their recipe cards are more compact and easier to understand.

Gousto often run promotional activity, too, which allows users to try it before having to commit to any sort of subscription or price point. You could even use it for a period before collecting enough recipe cards to go it alone.

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