Ebay App not working? Here’s what to do

The Ebay App is a globally used app primarily used for its ability to help buyers and sellers alike acquire near limitless items from all around the world. In more recent years the app has moved to also being a reseller for big companies such as clothing brands as just one example.

As far as I’m aware Ebay was the foremost website when it came to selling on used goods or even reselling items such as a pair of new shoes that don’t fit. As such the company is massive and puts a lot of time and effort into their app. Thankfully, this all means that app is very well made and rarely has any issues.

Ebay App not working? The fix

First things first with any app having issues it is confirming whether it’s something on your end or the company’s end. Essentially, is there something you can do about it or are we waiting for the company to do the fixing…

I recently discovered a great site which tracks when sites are working or not and keeps a history of it too so you can see if the connection to their server is down currently or if it was recently down. It’s very aptly named “Is It Down Right Now?”…

Link here: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ebay.com.html

If you are getting stuck at a certain part of the app then it could be a system that has stopped working and not the whole site. Ebay has a system status page for such issues which you can check here: https://www.ebay.com/sts


If you’ve done this and it’s showing all’s ok on their end, then let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to get yourself back to selling… or buying… Whichever you use the app for…



The main thing that will cause issues with the Ebay App is your internet connection. This will be shown by a connecting icon either on the app’s loading screen or an error message will appear.

Here are the main things to double check when on your mobile and have connection issues:

  • Airplane mode. As you can probably guess, having airplane mode on stops all signal and network connection so it’s one of the first things to check, usually indicated by an airplane icon in the top right corner of your device.
  • Wifi. Just in case you are on wifi there are two things to check here. The wifi on your device and your router. Firstly, make sure your wifi is turned on. If it is, then give it a quick off and on then try connecting again. Secondly, the router itself, check for any obvious warning lights. Just for good measure do a reset, another off and on. Nice and easy.

Check for updates

App’s have a variety of issues all the time and one of the most common causes for these more obscure issues are updates. If the developers push an update server side it can cause the app to stop working properly until the update has been done by users. This is rarely something as significant as the entire app not working but is very possible.

Here’s what to do.


  • Open the app store.
  • Navigate to your profile, should be an icon in the top right.
  • Scroll down to your list of apps and search for Ebay App, if it’s in the to be updated section then hit that update button.


  • Navigate to the Play Store home screen.
  • Select My apps & games.
  • Here you can select the Ebay App specifically if it needs an update or just hit update all.

Reinstall/clear cache

Sometimes these apps have stored data that can corrupt files and cause issues with loading. Nothing to worry about here though, this happens when files break, and a simple clearing of the cache removes the problem files.

Keep in mind when doing this that it will remove all saved data. Files, usernames, and accounts. A lot of this is held server side by Ebay however so the only hassle is a quick sign in and you’re back up and running.

Thankfully this can be done on both Android and IOS devices.

For iPhone/IOS devices it’s not very intuitive how to do this… Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to delete the app and reinstall it… This is a little annoying, but it will also clear up any potential corrupt files.

For Android this can be done from the app settings.

Navigate to settings.

  • Select apps.
  • Select Ebay App
  • Select storage.
  • Press the clear cache option down in the bottom right.


In conclusion Ebay is one of the biggest reseller apps so it’s very unlikely that the app will go down. If you are unable to get the app working, then it is likely a fault on your end and there are a number of solutions which we’ve gone over here.

There are several ways to check if the Ebay App is currently functioning correctly either as a whole app or a specific system with the status page and the website checker I linked earlier in the article. If you’ve tried all the solutions we have here then hopefully your back up and running. Happy shopping! or selling…

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