McDonald’s App Not Working — How to fix

The McDonalds app allows you to order food to your home, or order in-store without having to leave your table and queue up. When the McDonald’s app is not working, it can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient.

Whether you are struggling to connect to the app, or there’s something going wrong with them app itself, we have you covered and with our guide, we can get you back to ordering your favourite food in no time.

McDonald’s App not working — What you can do

The most common issue most people have when using the Mcdonald’s app is that they’re not using a reliable network.

You can often get this to work by simply making sure that you clear app data and cache, and reset the network settings on your device.

There are various other potential reasons;

  1. Network Issues: Poor internet connectivity can prevent the app from functioning correctly. This can be due to weak Wi-Fi or mobile data signals.
  2. Outdated App Version: Using an outdated version of the app can lead to compatibility issues. Regular updates are crucial for optimal performance.
  3. Server Downtime: McDonald’s servers might be temporarily down for maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties, affecting app functionality.
  4. Device Compatibility: The app may not be compatible with your device, especially if it’s an older model or running an outdated operating system.
  5. Corrupted App Data: Sometimes, the app’s data can become corrupted, leading to malfunctions. This can happen due to various reasons, like incomplete updates.
  6. Full Device Storage: Insufficient storage space on your device can impact the app’s ability to run smoothly or update properly.
  7. Incorrect Login Details: Entering the wrong login credentials can prevent access to the app’s features.
  8. App Bugs: Like any software, the McDonald’s app may have bugs that can cause crashes or other operational issues.
  9. Overloaded Servers: High user traffic, often during promotions or peak hours, can overload the servers, leading to slow performance or crashes.
  10. Location Services Issues: The app relies on location services for certain features. If these aren’t enabled or functioning properly, it can affect the app’s performance.
  11. Blocked by Security Software: Sometimes, security software on your device might mistakenly identify the app as a threat and block it.
  12. Outdated Device OS: An outdated operating system on your device can cause compatibility issues with newer versions of the app.

These are the main reasons why the McDonald’s app isn’t working. Here’s what you should do if this is the case.

Turn Off Airplane Mode & Update

Just like when the KFC app stops working, the McDonalds app can have problems from time to time.

Before we get into the deeper troubleshooting, there are a few common problems that can be quickly resolved and will fix a lot of problems people have with the app.

  1. Turn off airplane mode. Airplane mode can sometimes be accidentally enabled, and it will completely prevent you from being able to use online apps. Making sure it’s not enabled will clear out this common issue.
  2. Update your app Because the McDonalds app works from their restaurant locations, you need to be updated with new stores they set up, otherwise you won’t be able to place an order at your location. If you go to the Play Store and search for the McDonalds app, you will see “open” as an option and if you’re not updated, you will see “Update” next to it. This is crucial when using the app.

These are two very common issues when using the McDonald’s app, so as long as you have these cleared, you are good to go for troubleshooting what else might be your problem.

Check your connection

As a mobile delivery and order app, the McDonalds mobile application is completely reliant on you being connected reliably to the internet.

A poor connection is often the cause of a temporary loading issue, and resolving this is often the best way to fix the Mcdonald’s app.

If you are having problems where you are losing order information, your screens are getting stuck on the infamous golden “M” then your Wi-Fi signal or mobile data is to blame.


Connecting at home

If you are at home, you can fix this easily by staying near your router while you place an order. This will give you the best possible chance for a reliable connection.

If you are still struggling to connect to your router, try restarting your device and if that doesn’t work, re-setting your router by unplugging the cables for 30 seconds then reconnecting them.

Connecting in restaurant

If you are in store and you are having trouble making an order due to a poor mobile data signal, there’s a chance you’re sat in a “dead-zone,” which is a signal coverage weak spot.

You can try changing tables and see if that helps. If not, try connecting to the store’s Wi-Fi.

While this isn’t the safest thing to do, it will likely work. Just look for the Wi-Fi code notice on a wall, or sometimes on a table notice.

If none of these work, you may have to make the order the old-fashioned way unfortunately.

Location services

As the McDonalds app lets you order in-store as well as deliver, it’s extremely important that your location data is working correctly.

Thankfully, McDonalds makes it very easy for you to enable accurate location data if you are having any problems yourself. Simply ensure you are connected to the internet and tap on offers.

From there, tap “Yes, open settings” then tap location on.


This will fix any problems you are having with the app recognizing the correct store or getting confused about your precise location if you are giving a postcode manually.

Clear cache & application data

Clearing cache and application data can go a long way to helping alleviate some problems you will come across in the app, such as freezing, black/white screens and the app being unresponsive.

If you have any of these problems, clearing your data will likely fix the situation, as the app has a known history of getting clogged up with unused data.

Make sure you backup your information before you take this step as it will wipe all preferences and login data. To clear your app cache, go to Settings > Apps > McDonald’s > Storage > Clear cache/data.

Clearing your Mcdonald’s application data and cache will hopefully fix any issues you are having with the app, but there is still one more step to take if that doesn’t work.

Reinstall the app

A large number of users report that problems with the app persist even with clearing data and restarts or updates.

Reinstalling the app is simple. Just long press on the icon and select uninstall from the options that pop up.

Once it’s uninstalled you can reinstall from the Play Store and hopefully everything will be working fine with your new version.


Admittedly McDonald’s app comes with a lot of user complains in their reviews, and this can be frustrating and hard to fix.

If it’s an issue with the McDonald’s server, then unfortunately there’s not much you can do about server side issues.

As long as you maintain an updated app and you have a good connection and enable your location, you should be able to get rid of most of the issues that crop up.

If you are unfortunate enough to get some of the more troublesome issues, then I’m afraid reinstallation is your best option in most cases.

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