Best Chromecast apps for your TV

Chromecast is one of the best ways to watch your favourite streaming apps on your television without having to worry about cables or upgrades.

You can simply connect the Chromecast to your TV, connect your mobile or laptop to the Chromecast and voila.

With so many different Chromecast apps out there that you can use, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time. Here’s some of the best Chromecast apps to use for watching TV or streaming music.


Maybe not your first thought when thinking of casting apps, watching friends games on the Twitch network can be great fun, even if you just have it on in the background.

Twitch is a site designed for streamers to play their favourite games with an audience. There’s a wide selection of content and streamers on the platform, so you’ll usually always be able to find someone to watch.

This can vary drastically, from watching someone build their perfect home in The Sims to streamers blowing each other up in APEX Legends.

This is all in real-time too, so there’s additional fun in watching a host who wants to share their excitement.

You can stream games on Twitch, or simply use your Chromecast to watch who’s playing behind the keyboard of some of the most popular games around.

BBC iPlayer

UK users will want to download apps that cater to them specifically, and there’s nothing more British than the BBC (whether that’s a good thing or not, I’ll let you decide).

BBC iPlayer offers you access to free catch up television of your favourite channels, which can be accessed via Chrome, or by downloading the BBC iPlayer app.

With the iPlayer app, you’ll be able to catch up on all your favourite TV shows, whether that’s soaps like Eastenders or quiz shows like Pointless.

Obviously, even if you don’t have a phone you can stream directly from your tablet on laptop onto the big screen. BBC iPlayer is free for iPhone and Android, so it’s worth downloading if you often miss episodes.

Amazon Prime Video

One of the main reasons why Amazon Prime UK is highly recommended for streaming is that you get a variety of other features with your account.

This includes things like free next day delivery with Amazon, Prime reading for free books, Amazon Music and of course, Amazon Prime Video too.

Prime Video members can access hundreds of TV programs in their account, as well as get access to new Amazon originals when they’re released too.

The Amazon Prime app supports Chromecast, so you can quickly start casting your favourite documentaries and series from the platform.


Diehard Disney fans will love Disney+ casting on iOS and Android phones, which is really easy to setup.

There’s a growing variety of films and television series on Disney Plus. This obviously includes all of the animated films, but also a wide range of classics you may have forgotten about (like Mrs Doubtfire).

The Disney Plus also supports casting in 4K resolution, which is good news for those that want to watch their favourite films in the highest quality.

It might be worth considering this app if you want to revisit the old Disney classics, as well as get access to Marvel, Star Wars and more.


Plex is a consistently excellent app that allows you to watch free movies and TV, and it also has Chromecast functionality.

The app has access to some solid movies, and it allows you to stream videos wherever you are. You can stream video directly via a web browser to the Chromecast, or simply use the Plex app.

It has a lot of live channels that you can watch, including breaking news – great if you want to stream content without a TV licence.

The best thing about Plex is that it’s entirely free, and it allows you to watch movies, shows and any other apps on your TV via your iPhone or Android device.


Many people only watch YouTube’s videos on their phone, however you can also use it with your TV as it’s a Chromecast-enabled app.

The interface is simplistically designed, and there’s only so much you can say about Youtube as pretty much everyone knows what it is and what’s on there.

Not only does it offer an alternative to the standard streaming services out there, but it also works well with the Chromecast application too.


Netflix has thousands of TV series available on the platform, and it has some great original programming that’s exclusive to Netflix too including shows like Squid Game, Stranger Things and many more

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and you can use the app with a chromecast to stream it onto your television.

As the largest online streaming service, it’s obvious to see why Netflixmakes a great choice if you’re looking for streaming apps that you can use for casting.

Now TV (UK only)

The streaming service provided by Sky enables you to access the newest Sky series and film library without having to sign up to a subscription service.

It’s amongst the best streaming options for users in the UK, and it’s easy enough to sign up to – you can test packages out on a monthly basis, meaning you’re not tied into any long term deals.

Nonetheless, the Now TV app is good, and it’s available on your smartphone so you can cast it to the large screen as you desire to watch new films, movies and Sky Sports too.

Pluto TV

Pluto offers more than 200 channels, which includes some of the biggest news broadcasters, all for free.

It also has access to sports channels, reality shows and even has a channel for games and anime.

You can use Pluto TV for free with your Google Chromecast devices to cast onto your TV without having to spend a penny.


Spotify is the king of streaming music, and of course it offers Chromecast Support to give you the ability to cast it onto other devices.

Spotify’s playlist is optimized by algorithms so that can you find a lot of new music via the platform.

Spotify has a long standing reputation as one of the best streaming platforms across pretty much all of your devices.

Pandora Music

Pandora has an extensive database of both songs and podcasts you can tune into, which definitely make it worth downloading onto your device.

And Pandorda is now used by millions to learn about new musical genres due to its impressive algorithm recommendations, and also by listening to random radio stations according to taste.

The app has a good library of music that you can listen to, and Chromecast owners can easily cast their favourite songs too.


There are so many Chromecast apps out there that narrowing them down is a difficult task. A Chromecast can easily cast the app onto your screen, so they’re a solid investment if you’re looking to avoid buying a new smart TV.

And Chromecast users will hopefully find the variety of streaming video apps we’ve included here useful, so they can get back to watching their favourite TV series in peace.

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