Is Now TV worth it? – Full review

Now TV is a subscription-based streaming app operated by Sky which offers its customers the unique opportunity to buy monthly passes which cover various branches of Sky TV, including sports and movies. The app is aimed at customers who want access to Sky’s content but who don’t want to commit to a long term contract.

They have the rights to over one hundred Premier League games a season as well as exclusive rights to every Formula 1 race and each of Golf’s four majors. Their movies collection features blockbusters and new releases, with their catalogue boasting 1000 unique titles all available on demand via the Now TV app. We had a run through the app to see what it’s all about.

Is Now TV worth it? – Full review

Is Now Tv worth it? Well, that’s a question that’s totally dependent on who you ask, really. If you’re asking a student who may be short on cash someone but is sports mad then I would say, it’s absolutely worth subscribing to every now and then if there’s a good batch of matches in a certain month.

If you’re someone who finds themselves subscribing every month then I would it may be worth reconsidering and signing up to Sky TV on a more permanent basis.

And finally, if you have no interest in sports and have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus then I would tell you to forget about Now TV because those streaming services have you covered for movies and television shows.

The app itself is really tidy and easy to navigate, with a clear user journey for anyone who uses it. Before signing up to a subscription you are able to scroll through their catalogue to decide whether you fancy paying a monthly fee. On top of that, they regularly offer new customers 7 day free trials so you can get an even better feel for the service before handing over any money.


  • Access to some of the biggest sporting events in the world which you can live stream.
  • The offer of a 7 day free trial before purchasing so you can try before you buy.
  • Large catalogue of movies and hit tv shows such as Game of Thrones.


  • The sports package is significantly more expensive than the entertainment package.
  • Subscribing long-term is very expensive.
  • Can’t sign up to a subscription on the mobile app – you need to sign up on a browser.

Though not perfect, Now TV is one of the best apps for watching live TV if you live in the UK – especially if you want to cut cords with your current TV provider.

No Sky box? No problem

Without a doubt, the most appealing aspect of Now TV is the fact that it gives people who either: a) can’t afford a long-term subscription to Sky Tv or b) don’t want the commitment of being tied down for 12-24 months to a television deal, access to Sky’s unique and exclusive content.

One of the most popular television shows in recent years, Game of Thrones, was only available in the United Kingdom on Sky Atlantic. This meant that those of us who didn’t have Sky TV had to either find a dodgy stream on the internet or simply miss out on the show that everyone was talking about.

With Now TV, customers could subscribe to the entertainment package for two months for £9.99 a month while Game of Thrones was on and not miss any of the jaw dropping moments on Sky Atlantic.

Then, after the series was wrapped, just cancel the monthly subscription and come back to it a year later for the next series. £20 for two months of Game of Thrones for fans of the show was a lot more justifiable than signing up to Sky Tv for two years.

A well functioning filtering system

One of the most user friendly aspects of the Now TV app is how they filter their content. From top level filters such as Movies, Entertainment and Sports to more niche and personalised filters such as highlights, genres and coming up.

To top it off, you have access to all of these filters before signing up so you can find out what live sport is coming up and what shows of interest are on the app without spending a penny.

To access the filters, click on the menu tab on top left hand corner of the home screen to bring up the level 1 filters. From there you can choose which section of the app you would like to see more of.

If you decide that you want to learn more about sports, for example, then you can click the sports option which will then bring up further filters to break down the sports content further. This filtering system really gives you the opportunity to take a deep dive into the app which ensures that you are getting the most for your money.

If you want a more in-depth way to see what’s on TV across different streaming services, check out this JustWatch review – it’s one of the better ways to browse through your TV guide without flicking between apps.

Now TV streaming service – a questionable financial decision?

There is no doubt that Now TV poses its customers with a dilemma about whether the the costs justify the content.

As mentioned at the top of this piece, there is the dilemma of whether the content aligns with your interests and if whether in the long-run you would be better of just signing up to Sky TV on a 12-24 month contract. This is due to the fact that you would get favourable rates as a new customer which would almost certainly work out cheaper than renewing your Now TV subscription every month.

However, there are other ways in which Now TV poses financial questions which arguably don’t add up.

At the moment, they are offering a joint entertainment and movie package for £9.99 a month which gives customers access to Sky’s entire movie catalogue as well as access to all of their award winning television series. This is a fantastic deal if you have your eye on a couple of series’ that are only available on sky which you can blitz through in a month or two.

Compare this to the sports package which is £33 a month, or £10 a day, and I’m not sure it adds up. Sure, you’ll get a bunch of Premier League games and one or two Formula One races but I just can’t see how that is worth £23 more than 1000+ movies and some of the greatest television series ever made such as Game of Thrones. For me, Now TV need to re-evaluate their package prices.

Common questions about Now TV

Can you cancel Now TV at any time?

Yes, absolutely. The beauty of Now TV is that it prevents you from getting stuck in long-term contracts with no escape. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose when you want access to Sky’s services on a month by month basis. If you know early on in the month that you won’t want the service the following month then you cancel your subscription in advance.

Are all Sky Sports channels available on Now TV?

Yes, all 11 of Sky Sports’ channels are available on Now TV for those who sign up to the sports package. This includes SkySports Main event, SkySports Premier League and SkySports Formula One.

Can you subscribe to more than one package at a time?

Yes, you can subscribe to as many packages as you want. Beware though, if you find yourself regularly subscribing to every single Now TV package then it will be very expensive and cheaper to just sign up to a long-term deal with Sky directly.

What devices can I use to stream Now TV?

You can use Now TV on over 50 different platforms including smartphones, games consoles, smart tv’s and PC’s. Either use the Now TV website to login and stream or download the app wherever possible. You will only need one set of login details for each platform so don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up for a new account on each device!


To conclude, Now TV is a really handy app for customers who are keen on Sky television but can’t or don’t want to commit long-term. It’s a really easy app to navigate and has a superb filtering system which helps customers to hone in on the content they enjoy. The 7 day trial offers customers the opportunity to try before you buy, and for that reason, I would urge everyone to at least give that a go.

However, it isn’t without fault. First of all, the fact that you can’t buy a subscription on the app is a real turn-off and could turn impulsive customers away. Secondly, the costs involved don’t add up if you are planning on using the app on a long-term basis.

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