7 Best Baseball Games Apps for iPhone and iPad

Baseball game apps are a niche market, and though there’s not the same variety of games as with some other sports, they’re still pretty popular.

Baseball is difficult to play it on phone, as there’s not a great deal that goes into the mechanics of hitting a ball. However, we’ll take a look at a variety of baseball games that involve both playing baseball as well as coaching your own team.

Let’s take a look at some of the best baseball games online that can be downloaded for free or purchased for iPhone in the App store.

MLB 9 Innings

If you want the official MLB iPhone game then you’ll want to download 9 Innings. You get a full 3D experience with strong visuals & smooth motion, especially if you’re an iPad user.

What really makes 9 Innings stand out is the variety of different game modes that you can play. You can test your advanced simulator system with autoplay or quick play, or create your own team and play through seasons with them.

You can select an offense or defensive strategy – whichever one suits your style of play more. There are lots of rewards to get by completing many challenging tasks and completing MLB collections.

You can play baseball against other MLB fans with your favourite players from the league. Though there are other baseball games that are worth downloading, this is probably the first one you should download.

It’s a super realistic baseball game that has a variety of hitting and pitching motions within the app, with licensed players and team logos too.


Baseball 9 is a top baseball game for smartphones and tablets. It is fun for players who like to play real baseball, as it’s one of the most realistic baseball games that you can download onto your iPhone.

The app uses serious gameplay mechanics that make it fast and ferocious. The game is best played manually, though it has an automatic play through option which is a selective auto-playing system for quick results – this can make it easier to reach the end of a season.

Your players names can easily be renamed or personalized to your own preferences, as you have a choice of face shapes and body types to select from. You can choose different pitch and bat motions too.

Plus, you can play the game in Offline mode too which is useful for times when you have no signal. Overall, it’s another one of the best iPhone baseball games that you can download.

Homerun Battle 2 (HB2)

Homerun Battle 2 is an excellent baseball game app that can help players play baseball with other gamers around the world.

It has six modes, and there are millions of other players online that you can play against – you can select a Quick Game against an undetermined player using Match mode.

You have the choice of making your character personalised, and there’s various different daily bonuses that you can get to improve your experience.

It’s worth playing single player mode on this game as it’ll allow you to get gold balls, which can them be used in later games. If you’re looking for a little baseball fun, this is a solid choice.

BIG WIN Baseball

If you want to create your own team and play with them, then Big Win Baseball allows you to do this and create teams to beat your opponents.

Every game your skills will improve and help you prepare for the Daily Pennant, which is basically the main game in the app – win this and you earn coins and big bucks, and therefore new cards for your squad.

Player packs include Silver, Bronze and Gold – those who take a card will get players or skill boosts that can help their team.

Each game has a different feel to it due to the Big Impact cards which can be a complete gamechanger. It’s a solid baseball game for iPhone and iPad too, and worth downloading if you want to build your own fantasy team.

Baseball star

If you’re looking for a baseball game that isn’t pay to play, Baseball star is a good option to download from the App store.

You can enjoy this game comfortably without paying for it, as there are daily free bonuses such as player’s cards. You can create your own teams with edit options too.

There are three different game modes that you can play in Baseball Star; League mode, Challenge mode and Event Match. A season in league mode can be as much as 128 matches, whereas an event match can only be once a day.

You can increase team effectiveness through providing training for your players. This is a good baseball game to download if you love to play arcade baseball with a gacha system.

Real Baseball 3D

Is there any good real life baseball game to play? Well, Real Baseball 3D is definitely one of the better options when it comes to realism.

The game has a 3D graphics design with meticulous gameplay, which enables you to experience yourself as the player. If you simply want to throw pitches and hit homers, this is probably your best bet.

This game has a very low learning curve, making it easy to pick up and play without a ton of extra gameplay involved. It’s an addictive baseball game that is perfect for any baseball fan looking for a realistic gaming experience.

Super Hit Baseball

Another extremely addictive game, Super Hit Baseball is an easy app that does not need much to get started.

It’s an excellent game for someone who has some some free time to unwind by playing a baseball games that isn’t too in-depth or testing.

The exciting feature of this game is that the higher the progress level, the more unique players you unlock. It’s easy to find players and compete against them to try to win the world’s biggest championship.

Play a new challenge and get prizes within the game, as you can play online against friends or use the matching system to be set up against another anonymous player.

This baseball app is incredibly popular right now. The app allows a player to experience the event with a competitive atmosphere, and you must combine effort and luck to achieve victory.


Baseball has a huge global popularity with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Baseball itself is quite engaging and therefore keeps you entertained, but it isn’t always easy to translate that into a mobile app.

If you also enjoy baseball and want to experience it via iPhone, hopefully our list of the best baseball games helps you have a little fun.

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