Amazon Prime Student vs Prime UK: How they differ

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular subscription services in the UK, and part of the reason for this is Amazon Prime Student. There are various benefits of Amazon Prime Student.

However, many users don’t know the difference between Amazon Prime Student and a regular Amazon Prime membership. Here’s everything you need to know about the two.

What’s the difference between Amazon Student and Amazon Prime?

The main difference between Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime student is the cost of membership. For UK subscribers, a full membership is £7.99 per month.

However, with an Amazon Prime Student membership you only need to pay £3.99, and there are often a 3 or six month free trial period too.

This makes Amazon Prime Student extremely popular with those studying at colleges and universities across the UK.

Amazon Prime subscribers get free shipping on orders over two days, free streaming and special offers.

For students at university you get 80% off of all Amazon Prime products and services for only a few dollars. You may find some differences between Amazon Prime student / Prime membership programs.

Here is a comparison between Amazon Student and Amazon Prime. I’ve found some useful information on these articles.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Prime Student is just the student version of Amazon Prime – most students will get an unlimited 6-month free trial that offers all of its Prime features.

This include certain features such as;

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Amazon Prime Reading

  • Amazon Prime Music

  • Free One Day Deliver from Amazon

  • Access to lightning deals on Amazon sales

  • Unlimited Photo storage

And a wholw host of other includes features too. Some features, like reading and unlimited music streaming, may be restricted during trial period.

Who can join Amazon Prime Student in the UK?

Amazon UK has similar requirements as Amazon Prime Students, but with a few significant differences.

Applicants must be 18 or over, and in order for students to be eligible for higher studies and an Amazon Prime Student account, they should be enrolled in universities located in the UK.

The first time you sign up for Prime Student, you will need to confirm that you’re actually a student – you can start by logging into the Amazon app.

Upon registration, Amazon will require an official University email address ending with the e-mail address of the student whose identity has been verified. This means they need your official academic email address, not a gmail account.

During the registration process, you may be asked a number of questions – this is usually regarding your anticipated graduation year, and which payment options and best for you.

What entertainment is included in Student Prime?

Prime Video offers over thousands of movies to stream online. Guests also enjoy free live sports and Amazon Original content, including new exclusive TV shows that only release on the Amazon platform.

If you enjoy watching TV, you’ll probably appreciate Prime Video as it costs less than a TV licence, and a licence isn’t necessary to watch it.

You will also get access to Prime Music, which is one of the main competitors to Spotify. With millions of tracks on the platform, most major artists are on there and available to listen to.

You’ll also get free access to Prime Reading too, which gives you thousands of free books to read each month – either with your Kindle or via the Amazon app.

It’s very easy to see why Amazon Prime appeals directly to students, as with the student discount it’s much cheaper than the alternatives.

Plus, it’s several services in one, so you can consider cancelling your Spotify or Netflix accounts.

How much does Prime Student cost?

For the first six months, new subscribers to Amazon Prime Student will receive a free trial.

Once this period is complete, you’ll have the option of renewing with a monthly subscription of £3.99 – you can easily cancel your Prime student subscription if you no longer wish to continue with it.

You can also pay for a Prime student membership at an annual fee of £39.99, which makes it even better value for money.


Prime Student is an exclusive subscription service aimed at students at the University – it’s the same version of Amazon Prime, just a bit cheaper. This is unlike the UK and US version of Amazon Prime, which are a little different.

Most students find that it provides excellent value for money, as between the video content, the free one day delivery, the exclusive deals and Prime Reading, for a few quid a month it just makes sense (especially if you get offered a 3 or 6 month free trial!).

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