Yahoo Mail App Not Working — How To Fix

With over 600 million unique users per month, the Yahoo search app is a huge part of daily web traffic that’s essential for millions of people and businesses.

When it stops working properly, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s wrong with it, and spending your day troubleshooting and trying to work it out by yourself is never fun.

If you’re finding the Yahoo Mail app not working, then there’s a couple of things you can do to fix it – here’s the best troubleshooting steps to follow.

Yahoo Mail Not Working – Quickest Solutions

The first thing you do if your Yahoo Mail app is not working is to ensure you have a proper internet connection on your mobile device.

This will fix Yahoo Mail app problems in most cases, but if it doesn’t, you’ll then want to clear your cache data, make sure the app is updated and then potentially uninstall and re-install the app if necessary.

The good news is that if the Yahoo Mail app is not working, there are a few easy things you can try in order to get back up and running again as quick as possible. Much like when the Outlook app is not working, there are a few different ways you can fix the issue.

Check if you are in airplane mode first. If Airplane mode has been accidentally enabled by pressing it when you pick up your phone, you won’t be able to access the internet at all.

Any app requiring an internet connection, including Yahoo, won’t work correctly until you disable it.


Then, turn your device off and on again. One of the most reliable tricks in the book, quickly switch it off and on can mysteriously work a lot of the time. Don’t ask us why, but it just does!

If these didn’t work and you are still unable to get your Yahoo app working, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of things you can try to get control back in your hands. Whatever your problem, we have the solution.

Force Stop and restart

A common issue with Yahoo is in-app crashing or what’s calling “hanging.” If you are able to use the app but it’s not working very well, and it’s slow or stutter, or the screen is frozen, there’s an easy fix.

Go to your phone Settings > Apps > Search > Force Stop.

Yahoo comes up as “search” and this can be confusing if you’re looking for app settings. Once you’ve Force Stopped the app, restart your device and you should be able to use is without any freezing.

Connection issues

Sometimes your connection can be the problem, preventing you from reliably running the app. Some apps, like Yahoo, won’t work at all unless you have a stable connection to the internet.

There’s a chance you aren’t getting a good Wi-Fi signal, so one thing you can try to do is get close to your router and toggle your Wi-Fi on and off. You can then re-open the Yahoo Mail app to see if it’s working or not.

If you are still getting a buffering circle, you can try resetting the router by unplugging both the power and phone line for 30 seconds, then reconnecting them.

Check if Yahoo is down

Now and then the unthinkable happens. An intern trips over a wire and takes down the entire internet! Well, not quite the entire internet, but the servers that host Yahoo in your particular location.

Or maybe there’s no mistake and there’s just planned maintenance, which is a common occurrence with apps that are used heavily. Or, it could just be that people are using the app more than usual and the servers can’t handle it.

Either way, you can check the server status of the Yahoo app by going here and looking if there is any spike in reports of problems with the app. If there are, it’s probably best to wait a few minutes, and if it doesn’t work after that, try to use an alternative for a little while until the servers come back online.


Enable location

If Yahoo is working but it’s not giving you any relevant searches for your area, or it keeps buffering without giving you results, then there’s a chance you need to turn location settings on.

In some cases, if location isn’t enabled, Yahoo encounters issues returning results and can stop working properly. To enable location, go to Settings > Apps > Search > Permissions > Enable location.


Clear cache & data

Another great fix for in-app problems is to clear the cache & data. This cleans out your app from all the unwanted clutter it’s picked up over its usage time. Without clearing the cache every now and then your app can slow down or stop working completely.

Before you do it, note that you will lose your preferences and search history, including any bookmarks or pages you have saved. To clear cache & data, just go to Settings > Apps > Search > Storage > Clear cache/data.


Check if there’s an update for Yahoo

If you don’t update your app regularly, it can eventually stop working or encounter problems. To update your Yahoo app, open the play store, then search for “yahoo search” in the box.

If you have it updated, you will only see “open,” but if there’s an update it will show up. Simply tap update, wait for it to complete, and this should fix any weirdness you’ve been dealing with.

Reinstall the Yahoo app

Sometimes, there’s nothing else to do but throw in the towel and start from scratch. Reinstalling your app is the “nuclear option” for you to use. If nothing else has worked in this guide, this is sure to do the trick.

To uninstall the app, just long press its icon and then tap “uninstall” that pops up above it. Once you’ve done this, restart your device, go back to the Play Store, and re-download the Yahoo app. Once you’ve done this, it should work like new.


Keeping your Yahoo app updated and free of cache clutter is essential to having a smooth user experience. Sometimes there is a bit of internet weirdness going on, but usually the app itself is running fine and you just need to give your router a quick tap to get it going again.

Hopefully these steps helped get your Yahoo app working again and you can get back to surfing the web to your heart’s content!

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