How To Stop Adverts On Daily Mail App — Best Ways Right Now

Ever since adverts become the go-to method of providing free services online, people have been trying to find ways of having their cake and eating it too. Adverts are generally distractive, annoying and can interrupt the content you are trying to see. While they are a vital part of the ecosystem of free content, there is still good reason to try to avoid them, especially if you have no interest in buying anything through an advert yourself.

Not only that, but websites and apps have been known to host some dubious ad sources which have linked people to scams, defective products or straight up phishing pages. So, there’s more reason than just a dislike of ads to block them.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to stop adverts on the Daily Mail app, you’ve come to the right place!

How To Stop Adverts On Daily Mail App — Try This

The app version of the Daily Mail Online doesn’t have a subscription, so you are pretty much stuck with seeing ads in banners or pop-ups whenever you use the app. This is how they provide you with the service for free, but what they are actually doing is selling your user data and your preferences based on what news you view.

There are a number of ways you can stop adverts on the Daily Mail app, and some of these ways are in the permissions you set, while a few are external apps and tricks you can use to prevent ads from showing up in the first place. I prefer the permissions method, as that means I don’t need to download or pay for an external app to get rid of ads, but you can use whichever method works for you.

I recommend trying the free methods first. Generally, the Daily Mail app is actually pretty good – much better than some other news apps out there, as many readers find alternatives like the Guardian app not working or loading properly. Let’s check out a few other ways you can stop ads pretty quickly.

Turn on airplane mode! – Ads can’t load

While usually we recommend turning off airplane mode to solve connection issues, this time it might be a good idea to turn it on. Once you load up the Daily Mail app, it saves the latest articles in the cache, but not active elements like videos or ads. This is a neat little trick you can use to use the app without getting popup ads, or ad reels, though don’t count on this working forever. It will also mean you won’t get the most updated news as you are using the app in “offline mode.”


Disable data permissions manually

When you first download the Mail Online, you will see a very long prompt list of opt-in and opt-out toggles. This vast A-Z includes most of the app’s advertisers and what it’s basically asking is if you give permission to received targeted ads from these sources. I couldn’t find a “reject all” button, but I spent about 5 minutes tapping “refuse” on each one of the several hundred options, and I haven’t seen an ad on the platform since. This might not work for everyone, but combined with a few of the other options here, this will go a long way to reduce the number of ads you see.


Use a VPN that has an adblocker

Many VPNs come with built-in adblockers including some of the leading ones such as NordVPN and Surfshark. You can download these on your device and enable the adblocker option, preventing the Daily Mail app from serving you ads. As far as I can tell, this works against the banner ads as well as pop-up ads. The downside is it costs money to use a VPN and pay for the subscription, but if you are using a VPN for something else anyway, it’s a nice bonus.

Disable push notifications

If it’s not just the ads you want to block while using the app, but the push notifications you get on your device header, you can easily disable push notifications for the app. You can access these settings by going to Device settings > Apps > Daily Mail Online > Notifications. Once you are in you can disable notification for the app altogether, or you can go into in-app notifications and turn off breaking news or select times of the day you don’t wish to see push notifications.


Adverts can be frustrating and distracting, and whether you download a VPN to block them, or mess with your settings and disable them in-app, you can be sure companies will always try to find ways to serve you more ads. For now, following this guide should have freed you from the persistent popups, notifications and ad banners that are marketed to you and trying to grab your attention. If in future, some of these methods end up becoming ineffective, like VPN blocks have done in the past, come back and we will likely update this article with new and creative ways to stop those pesky adverts.

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