Pokemon Go Not Compatible with Device: Why this happens

Are you feeling frustrated because your device is not compatible with Pokemon Go?

In this post, I’ll provide a comprehensive guide on why your device might not be compatible and offer some solutions so you can start playing as soon as possible.

Understanding Pokemon Go’s Device Compatibility Requirements

While many smartphones and tablets can work well with Pokemon Go, others may not be able to support it due to various factors such as hardware limitations or outdated operating systems.

To play Pokemon Go, a smartphone or tablet must have at least Android 5.0 or iOS 10 installed.

Devices that do not meet these minimum requirements will likely experience issues with gameplay quality and performance.

It’s worth noting that even devices that meet these standards may still encounter problems if they lack sufficient RAM or processing power.

Another important consideration when it comes to device compatibility is the availability of GPS technology on your device.

This feature plays a vital role in enabling players’ avatars to move around in sync with their real-life location on the map while collecting virtual creatures along the way.

Understanding the device compatibility requirements for Pokemon Go can help you avoid potential problems and enhance your overall gaming experience.

By ensuring that you have a compatible smartphone or tablet with adequate technical specifications and GPS capabilities, you should be able to download the game – providing you have the right device.

Pokemon Go Supported Devices and Operating Systems

The game is available on both iOS and Android devices, but not every phone or tablet will work with it.

Firstly, let’s talk about iOS – if you’re an Apple user, your device must be running iOS 11 or higher to download Pokemon Go.

This means that anyone using an iPhone 5s (or older) will need to upgrade their device in order to play the game.

On the other hand, most modern Android smartphones should be able to run Pokemon Go without any issues – as long as they are running on Android version 6.0 or later.

It’s also worth noting that some tablets can run the game as well – for example, iPads running on iPadOS 14 should be able to support it just fine.

However, many low-cost tablets may struggle with the demands of such an intensive app like Pokemon Go.

Resolving Common Issues with Pokemon Go on Incompatible Devices

The first step is to ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements for playing Pokemon Go.

These include having at least 2GB of RAM and running Android version 6 or higher. If your device falls short in any area, it may not be able to handle the game’s graphics and processing demands.

If you have confirmed that your device meets all necessary requirements but still encounter issues with gameplay, try clearing your cache and data or reinstalling the app.

Additionally, disabling battery optimization settings can help prevent background processes from interfering with gameplay.

Also, make sure that you have the latest version of Pokemon Go installed on your device.

The developers release updates frequently to fix bugs and add new features. If you are not running the latest version, you may miss out on some cool new things.

In addition to updating the app itself, it is also important to regularly update your device’s operating system.

This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly while playing Pokemon Go, as well as other games or apps.

Finally, if you find that your phone or tablet is struggling to run Pokemon Go efficiently even after updating everything else, consider upgrading your hardware.

Look for devices with more storage space and better processing power to improve your overall gaming experience.

By keeping both your software and hardware up-to-date with these simple tips, you can enjoy an optimal Pokemon Go experience every time.

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