Why Do Pokémon Keep Fleeing in Pokémon Go? Uncover the Mystery

Do you ever feel like Pokémon just keep running away in Pokémon Go? It can be so frustrating when they escape right before you get the chance to catch them.

You’re not alone if this has been happening to you – it’s actually a mystery that many players struggle with.

But don’t give up hope yet! In this article, I’m here to help uncover the mystery behind why some Pokémon run away and how we can prevent it from happening again.

Together we will explore topics such as popular theories on why Pokemon flee, what techniques work best for catching them, and what Niantic (the creators of the game) have said about fleeing Pokemon.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information necessary to start becoming an expert at catching your favorite pokemon in Pokemon Go.

So, let’s begin our search for answers into why Pikachu keeps dashing away from us.

Reasons Why Pokémon Keep Fleeing in Pokémon Go: Understanding the Game Mechanics

Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where you’re trying to catch a rare Pokémon, only for it to flee after one or two attempts?

It’s happened to many players of the popular mobile game, Pokémon Go. But why does this keep happening?

In “Pokémon Go,” there are several factors that can cause Pokémon to flee after you try to catch them.

If you’ve noticed Pokémon fleeing frequently, consider the following potential reasons and solutions:

  1. Base Flee Rate: Every Pokémon species has a base flee rate, which is the probability that the Pokémon will flee after escaping a Poké Ball. Some Pokémon have higher flee rates than others. For instance, Abra is notorious for having a high flee rate.
  2. Circle Color: The color of the circle that appears when you’re about to throw a Poké Ball indicates the difficulty of the catch. Red is hard, orange is medium, green is easy. Pokémon with redder circles are more likely to break out and potentially flee.
  3. Type of Ball: Different Poké Balls have different catch rates. Great Balls and Ultra Balls have higher catch rates than regular Poké Balls.
  4. Razz Berries & Silver Pinap Berries: Feeding a wild Pokémon a Razz Berry before attempting to catch it will make it easier to catch. Silver Pinap Berries not only make Pokémon easier to catch but also give extra candies on a successful catch.
  5. Curveballs and Accurate Throws: Spinning the Poké Ball before throwing it will make a curveball, which has a higher catch rate than a straight throw. Additionally, getting the ball inside the colored circle, especially when it’s small, will increase the catch rate.
  6. Softban: If you travel a significant distance in a short amount of time (like if you’re in a car or an airplane), you may experience a “softban”. During a softban, Pokémon will frequently break out of balls and flee, and spinning PokéStops won’t yield any items. This is a measure by Niantic to counteract cheating through GPS spoofing.
  7. CP and Pokémon Level: High CP Pokémon or those of a higher level are generally harder to catch. If you find a Pokémon with a much higher CP than you usually encounter, it may be more likely to flee.
  8. Medals: As you catch more of a specific type of Pokémon, you can earn medals (like the Bug Catcher medal for catching Bug-type Pokémon). These medals can slightly increase your catch rate for Pokémon of that type.
  9. Daily Bonus: The first Pokémon you catch every day gets a bonus, making it less likely to flee.
  10. Network Issues: If your game isn’t syncing properly with the servers due to a poor network connection, you might notice more Pokémon fleeing. Always ensure you have a stable internet connection when playing.


  • Be Patient: Take your time when catching, especially if it’s a Pokémon you really want.
  • Use Items: Utilize Razz Berries, Silver Pinap Berries, and better Poké Balls when necessary.
  • Improve Your Throws: Practice throwing curveballs and aim for the center of the circle.
  • Stay Still: If you suspect a softban due to fast travel, wait a while before trying to catch more Pokémon.
  • Upgrade Equipment: Make sure you’re on a stable internet connection and that your device meets the game’s requirements for smooth gameplay.

Remember that even with all these strategies in place, there’s always a chance that a Pokémon will flee. It’s part of the challenge of the game.

Factors That Influence a Pokémon’s Escape Rate in Pokémon Go: Breaking Down the Numbers

Pokémon Go is a game that has taken the world by storm, with millions of players taking part in the hunt for their favorite Pokémon.

However, one aspect of the game that can be frustrating is when a Pokémon manages to escape from your Pokéball and disappear into thin air.

This happens more often than you might think, and there are several factors that can influence a Pokémon’s escape rate.

The first factor is the type of Pokéball you use. There are six different types of Pokéballs available in Pokémon Go, each with its own catch rate and escape rate.

The higher-end balls like Ultra Balls have much better catch rates but also have lower escape rates compared to regular Pokeballs or Great Balls.

Another factor that influences a Pokemon’s Escape Rate is CP level or Combat Power level which refers to how powerful it is in battle.

A Pokemon with high CP will usually be harder to catch because they’re stronger than other Pokemon who aren’t as strong.

Location plays an important role as well – some areas may have higher spawn rates for certain types of Pokémon and this could affect their capture chances too.

Overall understanding what factors effect your ability to catch specific Pokemon plays an essential role in playing Pokemon Go well.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Elusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go: Expert Advice to Improve Your Chances

Pokémon Go revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing augmented reality gameplay, allowing players to catch virtual creatures in real-world locations.

However, catching elusive Pokémon can be a daunting task for many gamers.

Here are some tried and tested tips that will improve your chances of catching even the most difficult Pokémon.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the mechanics of throwing Pokéballs.

Mastering this technique is crucial as it determines whether or not you’ll catch a Pokémon.

Try practicing with basic Pokéballs before using more advanced ones like Great Balls or Ultra Balls.

Aim for the middle of the target circle when throwing your ball; if you hit inside this circle while it’s smaller, you’ll increase your chance of capturing the creature.

Secondly, make use of Razz Berries and Nanab Berries which make them easier to catch by calming them down or making them more docile respectively – these berries can be found at Pokéstops on maps throughout locations.

Lastly, utilize Lure Modules and Incense items which attract wild Pokemon towards any nearby player’s location – either around Pokestops (Lure Module) or whilst walking between places (Incense).

These methods are great ways to bring rare creatures out into open areas where they’re easier to encounter.

In conclusion, following these tips and tricks should give you an edge when trying to catch elusive Pokémon in Pokemon Go.

The Role of Niantic’s Updates and Changes on Flee Rates in Pokémon Go: How the Game Continues to Evolve

Pokémon Go has been a wildly popular game ever since its release in 2016.

As players traverse through the real world, they can catch and collect different Pokémon characters, all while interacting with other players.

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing this beloved game is when a Pokémon flees after being caught.

Niantic regularly updates and changes various features within the game, which directly affects flee rates.

One major update that affected flee rates was the introduction of berries such as Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries.

These berries could be fed to wild Pokémon to make them easier to catch, thus reducing their likelihood of fleeing.

Another change that affected flee rates was the implementation of weather conditions in-game, which increased spawn rates for certain types of Pokémon while also increasing their difficulty level in catching them.

Overall, Niantic’s constant updates and changes have allowed for an even more immersive gaming experience for fans worldwide.

With each update comes new challenges and opportunities for trainers to improve their skills whilst exploring new parts of their surroundings – whether it be through battling at gyms or trying to catch elusive rare species- making Pokemon Go one enjoyable journey.

Myths Debunked and Facts Confirmed About Fleeing Behavior in Pokemon Go: Separating Truth from Fiction

Ever since the release of Pokemon Go, there have been numerous rumors circulating about how to catch rare Pokemon.

One myth that has persisted is the idea that running away from a wild encounter increases your chance of catching the Pokemon. However, this simply isn’t true.

In reality, fleeing from a wild encounter does not increase your odds of catching the Pokemon in any way.

In fact, it can actually decrease your chances by causing the Pokemon to despawn or disappear altogether.

Another common myth surrounding fleeing behavior is that certain patterns or movements can increase your chances of success when trying to catch a specific type of Pokemon.

But again, this is purely speculation and has no basis in fact. The truth is that each individual encounter with a wild creature in Pokemon Go is completely random and cannot be influenced by anything other than luck.

So if you’re looking to improve your chances at catching rare and powerful creatures in the game, don’t waste time trying to manipulate their behavior through fleeing or movement patterns.

Instead, focus on building up your own skills as a trainer and honing your strategy for capturing these elusive beasts.

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