What is DPS in Pokémon Go?

When venturing into the captivating world of Pokémon Go, players often come across the term DPS, an acronym for Damage Per Second.

This metric is crucial in determining the effectiveness of Pokémon in battles, raids, and gym confrontations.

DPS is a measure of how much damage a Pokémon can inflict on its opponents within a second, making it a pivotal factor in strategizing for combats.

The Significance of DPS in Battle Strategy

DPS plays a significant role in Pokémon Go battles. It not only influences the outcome of player versus player (PvP) engagements but also affects the performance in raids and gym battles.

A higher DPS indicates that a Pokémon can deal more damage in a shorter amount of time, making it a valuable asset in quickly defeating opponents.

Calculating DPS: The Mathematics Behind the Metric

DPS is calculated by dividing the damage output of a Pok√©mon’s move by the time it takes to execute the move.

This calculation incorporates the base damage of the move, the attacking Pok√©mon’s stats, and any relevant type effectiveness or weather bonuses.

Understanding this calculation helps players select the most efficient movesets for their Pokémon, enhancing their combat effectiveness.

Factors Influencing DPS in Pokémon Go

Several elements contribute to the DPS of a Pok√©mon in Pok√©mon Go. Understanding these can significantly enhance a player’s battle strategies.

Move Types and Their Impact on DPS

Moves in Pokémon Go are categorized into two types: Fast Moves and Charge Moves.

Fast Moves are used frequently during battle, generating energy for Charge Moves, which are more powerful but require energy to execute.

The choice of moves directly affects a Pok√©mon’s DPS, with some combinations offering higher DPS potential.

Pokémon Stats and Their Role in DPS

A Pok√©mon’s Attack stat is a critical factor in determining its DPS. Pok√©mon with higher Attack stats naturally have a higher DPS, making them more formidable in battles.

Additionally, the Defense and Stamina stats, while not directly affecting DPS, influence the Pok√©mon’s overall battle performance.

Maximizing DPS in Pokémon Go

To achieve the highest DPS in Pokémon Go, players need to consider several strategic aspects.

Choosing the Right Pokémon and Moveset

Selecting Pokémon with high Attack stats and moves that benefit from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) is key to maximizing DPS.

Players should also consider type effectiveness against opponents, as moves that are super effective against the opponent’s type can significantly increase DPS.

The Role of Weather and Type Effectiveness

Weather conditions in Pokémon Go can boost certain move types, leading to increased DPS.

Understanding the interplay of weather and move types can give players an edge in battles.

Similarly, exploiting type weaknesses of opponents can lead to increased damage output.

DPS in Raids and Gym Battles

DPS takes on additional importance in raids and gym battles in Pokémon Go.

Strategies for Maximizing DPS in Raids

In raids, players often face powerful bosses that require high DPS for timely defeat.

Forming a team of Pokémon with high DPS and type advantages against the raid boss is crucial for success.

Gym Battles: Balancing DPS with Defense

In gym battles, while DPS is important for taking down defending Pokémon quickly, players must also consider the defensive capabilities of their Pokémon. Balancing DPS with survivability is key to maintaining control of gyms.


DPS is a fundamental concept in Pokémon Go that significantly impacts battle strategies.

By understanding and effectively utilizing DPS, players can enhance their performance in PvP battles, raids, and gym confrontations.

Remember, the right combination of Pokémon, moves, and battle strategies can make all the difference in becoming a Pokémon Go champion.

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