Top 10 Must-Have Apps for UK Residents in 2024

Navigating life in the United Kingdom may seem easy to those who have been doing it all their lives but that doesn’t mean to say that these people have everything worked out and that they couldn’t benefit from certain mobile phone apps. For those who are new to the United Kindom, however, certain apps need to be downloaded as a priority. 

The following top 10 must-have apps for UK residents are all designed to help individuals in the UK navigate everyday tasks without having to overthink anything.

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for UK Residents – Ranked


The map market for apps is heavily saturated but Citymapper takes first prize when it comes to simplifying routes and instructing users how to get from A to B quickly. All it asks from users is to tell them where they want to get to and where from before bringing up a list of options with the most suitable at the top. 

The app integrates all transport options from walking and cycling to driving and catching a train. If you are new to a city, the app is a must-have and even if you are familiar with where you live, you might learn something new about a different route.

Just Eat

Just Eat is the best food delivery app in the UK with food options for every tastebud. If you don’t have food to cook or if you just can’t face getting the wok out then Just Eat is your best friend, just as many people will testify. 

All you have to do is tell the app what type of food you want (Chinese, pizza, Indian etc) and put in your location and it will then bring up all available options in your area. You can then make your order and pay directly through the app.

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for UK Residents

BBC News

Keeping up with the latest news is important, especially with all that’s currently going on in the world. When the BBC news app is working it is fantastic as it allows you to keep up to speed with the latest national breaking news while also keeping tabs on what’s going on in your local area. It’s easy to navigate and its content is impartial, making it the best news app in the UK.


Moneybox is a fantastic app for anyone looking to save or invest money, regardless of whether it’s a couple of quid here and there or thousands per week. By linking your bank account to the app you can set up a spare change savings account where all your transactions are rounded up with the change being used as savings. 

In terms of investing, you can allocate funds to various different savings pots, stocks and shares around the world all through a few clicks of the app.


SpareRoom is an app that should be considered a must-have if you are either new to the area or simply looking to move house/flat. People are able to advertise spare rooms in their house or apartment and you can then arrange a viewing. Doing this through SpareRoom rather than an estate agent means you can often avoid unnecessary fees.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is another food app that makes the list but this is a little different from the conventional delivery apps. Too Good to Go is used by restaurants in your local area to advertise any food that would otherwise be wasted. 

Not only are you helping the environment by using this app but you will also pick up some incredible bargains from some top local restaurants.


Uber is one of the most underrated apps in the world but is particularly useful in the UK. It is a taxi app which allows users to search in real time for local drivers to take them to their desired destination. Prices will fluctuate by the minute depending on what demand is like at the time but nine times out of ten, you will snag a bargain price.


What’s the point in spending obscene amounts of money on designer clothes when you can pick up the exact same product on Vinted for significantly cheaper? Vinter allows users to buy and sell brand-new and barely worn clothing to other people in their local area. 

Often people will even advertise items that still have the tags on meaning there is a chance you could pick up an entire new wardrobe on Vinted for pennies.


If you are a keen walker, then AllTrails should be the number one app on your phone. The app will bring up countless different “trails” (walks) in an area of your choosing with each one ranked on its difficulty depending on the walking conditions, length and incline. 

You are then able to tailor your search depending on what type of walk you are after (Easy/Hard, Short/Long etc).


The final app that is considered a must-have in the UK is one that didn’t even exist two years ago. ChatGPT is currently the best AI app on the market and is handy if you want questions answering or text-based tasks completing.

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