Tinder vs Grindr – What’s the difference?

Tinder and Grinder are two dating apps that are often compared with one another.

They have many similar features, and both apps are pretty popular across the globe, with millions of monthly users logging into both Tinder and Grindr.

However, there are some pretty obvious difference between the two platforms. Here’s how Tinder and Grindr are different from one another.

Grindr is for the gay community

Though Tinder offers the possibility of same sex relationships, it is mainly focussed on pleasing the straight community.

In comparison to this, Grindr is aimed specifically at gay, bisexual, and curious men that are interested in finding other guys to form a relationship with.

Grindr is often referred to as the “Gay Tinder”, as there are similarities between the two (even though Grindr was actually invented before Tinder).

But the biggest different is their target audiences are completely different. Tinder is primarily full of straight people, whilst Grindr is primarily gay and bisexual men.

Tinder is way more popular

When it comes to popularity and use, Tinder is the winner by a long distance.

Not just against Grindr, but against all dating apps – it’s the most popular dating site globally, with the app supposedly having more than 75 million regular active users of the platform.

If we compare this to Grindr, which has around 10 million active users, then it’s clear to see that Tinder is the more popular of the two.

But in fairness, Grindr is targeting a much smaller demographics, so it makes sense that there are less users on the platform.

Grindr is more expensive

Both Grindr and Tinder have many free users sign up to the platform – they’re actually two of the better apps where this is concerned, as they allow access to many features free of charge.

In comparison to some traditional dating apps, both apps offer a decent enough free plan. When it comes to paid plans though, they do differ somewhat.

Grindr Xtra is comparable to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which are the two cheaper Tinder subscription plans. They all offer the ability to change your location, and get rid of ads across the app.

Grindr Unlimited, their biggest subscription plan, is the most expensive Grindr plan, and it’s actually the most expensive of either Tinder or Grindr.

For this price you get easy chat translation features, as well as an Incognito mode if you want to be discreet.

The comparable Tinder Platinum is cheaper, and offers features like greater visibility being boosted to the top of messages.

For some, they’ll be worthwhile signing up for, though most users are either free users or purchase a cheaper plan.

Tinder’s the biggest, but Grindr was here first

Because Tinder is the biggest dating app, many users think that it has paved the way for others to emulate.

However, it was actually Grindr, first released back in 2009, that came up with the initial swiping system (swipe right to match, swipe left to skip).

And it wasn’t until 3 years later that Tinder was launched for a straight audience, intending to capture the entire market – whilst Grindr was continually focussed on servicing gay and bisexual men.

So in the battle between Tinder vs Grindr, it’s true that Tinder is the bigger platform of the two.

But, Grindr is considered the original app when it comes to the modern swiping system that many dating apps use.


How Grindr compares to Tinder is easy to define in simple terms, as Grindr is an exclusive app created for the gay community.

Tinder and Grindr both have different features that will make it appeal to your needs. However, effectively they are both casual dating apps created to assist with meeting other users that have a similar mindset.

Grindr may be considered more of a hookup app, as it’s well known in the LGBTQ community for a bit of fun, and less so used to find love.

Though Tinder is often thought of in the same way, though some potential matches may turn into long term relationships.

But all in all, they offer similar user experiences, for different people and different sexual orientations.

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