How to check for SIM card damage – Things to look for

SIM cards are a vital part of our phones, allowing the network service provider to identify us from one another. So, it makes that we want to keep our SIM cards in as good condition as possible.

However, many users wonder whether they may have accidentally damaged their SIM card without knowing it. And if you have, how can you identify if you have a damaged SIM card and what can you do to fix it?

Here’s everything that you need to know if you think you may have a damaged SIM card in your phone.

How to Identify SIM card Damage

If you’re worried that you’ve got a damaged SIM card then it’s definitely possible that you’ve accidentally damaged the SIM card, however this is usually pretty obvious – think the SIM card being scratched or snapped so it’s unusable.

And actually, SIM cards are surprisingly resilient, and opposite to what you may think, SIM cards last for a long time. If you’re not sure whether your SIM card is damaged or not, run through the tips below to determine whether this is the case.

Turn airplane mode on/off

The first thing to do if you think your SIM card is stopping your phone from working is to turn Airplane mode off and on again.

You can do this by swiping down to the Control Center and selecting the Airplane icon on the top of your display.

What this does it temporarily stop your access to the network which gives the device a chance to reset the network issue. Then, when you turn Airplane mode off again, if your SIM card is working you’ll be able to access your data.

Update your device

Using a mobile device with outdated software can cause SIM card errors, so the simple solution to this is to make sure that your device is updated.

You can do this by going into the settings of your smartphone and forcing your phone to update.

Newer smartphones should update automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to check manually whether your phone is updated to the newest version – especially as this could be why your new SIM card isn’t working properly.

Clean the SIM Card Tray

You should check that dust and debris has not made its way into your SIM card tray, as this can stop your SIM card from working and cause connection problems.

You can easily do this by getting a cloth and checking that the SIM card tray you’re entering into your device is clear before you re-insert SIM card back into your device.

Remove the SIM Card and Insert It

One of the easiest ways that you can check whether your SIM card is the cause of your issues is to remove it from your device and then re-insert it.

This occurs primarily when the device is dropped or knocked, which may have dislodged it from position.

Removing a SIM card and then re-inserting it often fixes the device when it’s not working properly, as it may not have been positioned in the SIM card slot properly.

Reboot your device

If your smartphone cannot recognize the SIM cards then restarting the phone could solve this issue.

Then, when you start your device back up again, keep an eye on your connection at the top of your display. This will let you know whether you’re connected to the internet and network provider or not.

Reset network settings

Sometimes a network settings issue could cause a SIM card not to work correctly, resetting them back to default could fix the issue.

You can do this by going into the Settings of your device and then clicking through to General or General Settings. Here, you should be able to find the option to reset your network settings.

Solution to a bad sim card

If you’re sure that your SIM card is damaged, you may be wondering what you can do to fix it.

However, the only possible fix to the problem is replacing a sim card, which you can do by contacting your service provider.

SIM cards are small but many users forget they are still electronics, and if they get damaged, it can be difficult or impossible to fix them. Fortunately, it’s very easy to get a replacement SIM card from elsewhere.


Hopefully the advice about lets you know if your SIM card has been completely damaged or broken by your use. If your SIM card is faulty, then it should be easy enough for you to identify.

The main problem that most users end up having with bad SIM cards is that your phone stops recognising it in the back of your phone.

If this happens, you can usually easily order a replacement SIM card from your network service provider for free, so it’s not the end of the world.

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