Remote Work Revolution: Best Productivity Apps for the UK Workforce

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, a large portion of the UK workforce has moved remote which means there are now millions of workers up and down the country working from the comfort of their own homes as the digital evolution continues.

While this is fantastic for convenience and saving money on transport costs, some workers find that there are too many distractions at home which can turn their attention away from work. As a result, the only logical solution is to combat technological distractions with technological apps.

Below, we are going to run through the six best productivity apps for the UK workforce.

Best Productivity Apps for the UK Workforce


The first app we need to talk about when it comes to productivity is Hive. The app is brilliant for boosting your work ethic throughout the day if you are working on something as a team. You are able to check your to-do list, communicate with other Hive members in real-time and share files with each other. It’s effectively a much quicker and more efficient email system.

Hive is capable of changing its interface depending on each user’s individual needs and preferences. If you like to-do lists or projects to be presented in a certain way then Hive will adapt itself to your preferred ways of working. No longer will you have to work in identical ways to the rest of your team.

Best Productivity Apps for the UK Workforce


IFTTT stands for “If this then that” and it’s a really cool app that stops users from using any old excuse to pick up their phone and get distracted from work. You can tell the app to alert you if you certain things are happening – for example, if it’s going to be sunny tomorrow let me know by a notification. Already, you are saving five minutes of weather-checking.

Providing you instruct the app to inform you on all things that are important to you, then you can put your phone to the side and take care of work while the apps takes care of everything else.


Calendly is going to be your best friend if you waste an obscene amount of time on back-and-forth emails with people about meeting availability. Through Calendly, you can enter in all of your available days and times weeks/months in advance and then when someone wants to organise a meeting with you, you can simply send them your Calendly link and they can then pick a time that works for them.

If you really struggle with focusing for long periods of time then we would urge you to download It is a music-based app that can play music designed to help focus the brain to prevent you from procrastinating when you have an important deadline coming up.

If you struggle with sleep or relaxation, also has music designed to aid both and it isn’t a placebo, either. Each piece of music is backed by scientific research so believe in it and give it a try.


Otter AI may be the single greatest invention when it comes to saving significant amounts of time. It is an automated recording system that not only records meetings, calls, interviews etc but also transcribes them in real time. Once the transcription is complete, the app will summarise the key points made in the recording and even provide you with actions based on what was discussed.

For journalists who find transcribing interviews a tedious job, this app will save you hours. The same can also be said for those who are responsible for recording minutes and taking notes in meetings.


Forest is a great app that incorporates a bit of fun into boosting productivity and is aimed at people who can’t keep their phone down for more than five minutes. Instead of scrolling through social media, fire up Forest and plant a tree. For as long as the app is open, your tree will keep growing but the second you click off it to go on something else, it will die.

Eventually, all of your productivity-boosting trees will turn into forest and you will unlock new trees to add to your forest. It’s a fun way of using a game to keep you motivated at work.

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