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Many iPhone owners still don’t know which music app they should use for downloading new music, as there’s a variety of different music download apps you can choose from.

They all use the same principles to allow users to search, listen and download the audio they need – from music through to podcasts. Let’s look at some of the best music download apps for your iPhone.


While Spotify is very useful for listening to music, you’ve likely heard of it before or are already using the app – the free version of Spotify gives you a good idea of how the app works.

It’s perfect when you want to download your favourite songs immediately, with access to hundreds of millions of songs and it’s available in 70+ countries worldwide.

You can use Spotify on desktop and mobile devices. Spotify is an extremely common service with a huge music catalogue which makes it really tough to beat.

Spotify’s main benefits include its algorithmic playlists, which pick music that is nearly exactly customized to listeners’ tastes. You can also download and listen to songs offline too, which makes it one of the best music apps for offline listening.

A selection of playlists are also provided by the users of the site and by the musicians themselves. So, if you’re a playlist fiend looking for some new tracks to listen to, Spotify is definitely worth starting with.

Apple Music

As we discuss some of the best apps for streaming music, it is impossible to leave out Apple Music when it comes to the best music download apps for iphone users.

The services developed by Apple themselves are definitely one of the best, as the app has a great user friendly interface that you’d expect flows nicely with iOS.

Currently, it’s included with every iPhone or iPad and you can usually get a free trial of the service to see how much you like it.

Apple Music is ultimately very similar to Spotify in terms of their massive library of music, though some users prefer the Playlists that Spotify offer. So, if you can do without that, it could be worth checking out the Apple Music Library.


SoundCloud for the iPhone has a simple user interface that makes listening to music fun – it’s a free music app that has a premium version if you enjoy the experience.

The simplified SoundCloud app allows you to enjoy your favourite music while avoiding most of the mainstream music.

SoundCloud is well known for new releases and leaks, so it’s great if you’re trying to find new music that’s a little under the radar.

You can use SoundCloud for offline listening, to create playlists of your favourite artists and it has a large free music archive of tracks that you can access. It’s a solid choice for downloading music, so it may be worth checking out the music platform.

Pandora: Music & Podcasts

If you’re looking for a break from Spotify, Pandora is a very popular app that allows for free downloads of the music that stands out for its recommendations – you’ll get a consistent list of new podcasts and music tracks to listen to within the Pandora app.

The app has all the latest releases in various music genres and saves the music to your playlist. You can easily find and store songs for later – you can use the apps Newly Released to listen to the current popular trends, or you Discovery to find artists you don’t normally listen to,

Pandora comes in free of charge but you can upgrade to its subscription service if you find the app useful. It also helps that Pandora offers tons of podcasts that you may not find elsewhere.

Pandora is unique because of its intuitive nature & ease of use, and it’s integrated into the Apple ecosystem too so it works with iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and more.


TIDAL is another music streaming service, though it’s not as popular as Spotify and Apple Music, it enables free downloading of music.

Naturally, the music of TIDAL is the biggest drawing point, with a superior sound quality to other music download apps it competes with. For audiophiles and music lovers, it’s one of the best streaming services to test out.

Although the app is free to download, those who want offline track access must purchase paid plans – but you can then download and listen to your favourite music later.

This app’s interface is on par with most major competitors. The public playlists are some of the best you’ll find across all music download apps too, making the app enjoyable to use.


Deezer is another well known music app that has a core user base of users looking to listen and download tracks to listen to later, with a lot of playlists and customisation available.

In addition, Deezer has a well designed music streaming app that offers 90 million song titles across various genres – they should cover all the music you need when it comes to popular streaming.

You could use this as your first music app, as the music downloads can be listened to later offline – you can save tracks easily within the Deezer app.

You can add your favourite songs to your Deezer account quickly and create your own music collection. The app has lots of podcasts too, and the ability to identify songs by using their SongCatcher feature too.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music still possesses millions of subscribers worldwide, and the main reason for that is that it’s included in an Amazon Prime membership plan.

This means that you get access to other benefits like a Prime membership for free deliveries. The app also lets you download songs to play them offline, as well as a host of other benefits that you’d expect from any solid music download app.

It’s really easy to use, and although it wouldn’t be our first choice if it was based on music alone, with the added benefits you get with Prime, it may be worth checking Prime Music out and seeing if it’s enough for you.


What is the best app available that lets you download songs and audio podcasts for iPhone and iPad devices?

We’ve checked out some of the best options that are currently available to online users, though it’s quite a competitive market, there are a few that dominate in terms of popularity.

iPhones nowadays are excellent music players that have a variety of fantastic features that enhance the music listening experience.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that suits everyone, as we’ve shown some of the top free music apps for iPhone users.

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