MSI Gaming app not working? Here’s what to do

The MSI gaming app can be used by anyone that has either an MSI PC or laptop. The app allows you to control the performance of your system.

The performance modes you are able to swap between are the OC mode, for the most optimum gaming experience where it increases clock speed and fan performance. Next is gaming mode, this gives the best balance between in-game performance and noise of your machine. Finally we have silent mode, this reduces the sound of your system significantly if you are not using the PC for anything that is stressful on your system.

MSI Gaming app not working? The fix

If you’re MSI Gaming app isn’t working, then one of the first things to check is their reddit page. They will post updates here’s if it is an issue on there end and you can relax and wait for them to find a fix.

Like any other app these are rare but can occur. Thankfully the vast majority of the time the app is up and you don’t have to worry.


If the app isn’t working and it’s not on the developers end, then we have some solutions for you to try. Here are the most common solutions for if the MSI gaming app is not working…


The main thing that will cause issues with the MSI Gaming app is your internet connection. This will be shown by a connecting icon either on the app’s loading screen or an error message will appear.

Remember the PC that you are connecting to also needs to connect to the internet and on the same network so make sure to double check the network on your PC too.

Here are the main things to double check when on your mobile and have connection issues:

  • Airplane mode. As you can probably guess, having airplane mode on stops all signal and network connection so it’s one of the first things to check, usually indicated by an airplane icon in the top right corner of your device.
  • Wifi. Two things to check here. The wifi on your device and your router. Firstly, make sure your wifi is turned on. If it is, then give it a quick off and on then try connecting again. Secondly, the router itself, check for any obvious warning lights. Just for good measure do a reset, another off and on. Easy as that.

Desktop app installed?

The MSI gaming app also needs an app on your PC to connect, this is what provides the app with all the information and allows you to access the functionality of the app.

If you are missing the desktop app then it can be found here at this link:

Once installed, make sure your mobile and PC are on the same network and then the mobile app will be able to find your Desktop in the “Paired Device” section of the app.

Check for updates

App’s have a variety of issues all the time and one of the most common causes for these more obscure issues are updates. The developers push an update server side and it can cause the app to stop working properly until the update has been done by users. This is rarely something as significant as the entire app not working but is very possible.

Here’s what to do.


  • Open the app store.
  • Navigate to your profile, should be an icon in the top right.
  • Scroll down to your list of apps and search for MSI gaming app, if it’s in the to be updated section then hit that update button.


  • Navigate to the Play Store home screen.
  • Select My apps & games.
  • Here you can select the MSI Gaming app specifically if it needs an update or just hit update all.

Remember it’s not a bad idea to just hit the “update all” and let the phone search for potential updates on all apps. Always good to keep up to date.



In conclusion the MSI gaming app is a very simple app with a very specific use. To control the performance of your system remotely. The app has a very simple premise and a fairly simple execution from the app’s standpoint, so it is very rare for issues to occur. If issues do occur, check with any notice boards if MSI themselves are having an issue then follow the steps mentioned here and you should be back to gaming in no time!

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