Blizzard’s mobile app not working? Here’s the solution as a mobile app is used to access the social side of the system. This includes your friends and access to forums. A known issue with the Battle net app is for it to stop working occasionally, and it can be frustrating when this happens. This article is here to help with some of the more known issues but the solutions offered can be helpful on a range of different issues.

Blizzard’s mobile app not working

Some of the more known issues include:

  • Connectivity related issues (no internet connection)
  • Friends list not loading
  • Unable to send messages to friends
  • Links to forums not loading

First thing to check with the app is of course, Blizzard’s online communications… If you have access to a pc or browser of some sort head over to Blizzard’s reddit page or forum page. Here you will be able to check if there are any posts speaking of a similar issue and will let you know what the problem is and what to do about it.


However, if there is no info then have a look at our solutions on what to do next…

Wrong region

Once you are on the login page of the app, check right at the top of the page. Here there is a drop down option for your region. Double check the drop down is selected to the intended region. Current options are; Americas, Europe, Asia and China.

Connection issues

Connectivity issues, like with most apps, are the main issues you will encounter with Blizzard’s Usually you can tell if it’s a connection issue as some form of error message will come up, or you’ll be able to see a Wi-Fi issue in the top of your display.

When you’re having connectivity issues, there are two main things that you’ll want to check’

  • Airplane mode – When you board a flight, you can turn your phone into airplane mode to stop your mobile accessing data. However, sometimes you may do this accidentally when on land too. So, check your phone isn’t in airplane mode first of all.
  • Wi-Fi – Secondly, Wi-Fi is another issue that many people have with connectivity. If you aren’t connected to your data and your Wi-Fi is spotty, this will have an effect on your Blizzard app. So, reset your router and make sure that your Wi-Fi isn’t the source of the issue.

Restart device

Restarting your device does a lot in the way of fixing apps, there are a lot of background processes running on any device and if there is a conflict with these processes it can cause apps to crash. A simple restart often fixes this as it allows all processes to start afresh.

Good old fashioned restart, 90% of the time this is going to get the job done for you!

Clear cache/reinstall

Apps like the app store a lot of data and files. Though it’s not super common, this can be corrupted over time, especially if you don’t update our apps on a regular basis. Bear in mind that if you delete the app, it’ll likely delete all of the saved data on your mobile.

You can do this on a mobile device, regardless of the operating system you’re using. If you’re on Android, here’s what to do (you can work out the iPhone equivalent pretty easily from this too!);

  • Go to settings.
  • Select apps.
  • Select
  • Click storage.
  • Select clear cache.


To summarise, very rarely has issues and the vast majority of the time it will be an issue with connectivity – it’s much more reliable than some others, like the MSI gaming app that stops working more often. If it’s your own connectivity, double check your internet by opening a web page or checking other apps.

If you’ve tried everything, we mentioned here you should be back up and running and ready to message friends and fellow gamers once again! Happy gaming.

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