Uncover All the Secrets: Lego Batman 2 Cheats for Xbox 360 Characters

Are you looking for ways to unlock all the secret characters in Lego Batman 2 for Xbox 360? Well, look no further! As an avid gamer of this game, I have spent a lot of time hunting down and experimenting with different cheats. In this article, I’m going to share all the secrets I’ve discovered so that you can get the most out of this awesome game, too!

From codes that give access to exclusive levels and rewards to strategies on how best to utilize each character’s special powers during playtime – these Lego Batman 2 cheats will help even the most experienced gamers up their game. You’ll learn valuable tips on building your team wisely by choosing the right combo of heroes plus other shortcuts that will take your gaming experience from ordinary to extraordinary! So buckle up and let’s dive into some truly amazing exploits together!

Unlocking Secret Characters in LEGO Batman 2 on Xbox 360 Through Story Mode

As a fan of LEGO Batman 2 on Xbox 360, I was curious about the secret characters that could be unlocked through story mode. After some research and gameplay, I discovered three unique characters that added an extra level of excitement to my gaming experience.

The first character is Nightwing, who can be unlocked by completing all the levels in story mode. With his acrobatic skills and electric sticks, Nightwing proved to be a valuable addition to my team as he helped me defeat enemies with ease. It was satisfying to see him swing from building to building while taking down bad guys.

The second character is Ra’s Al Ghul, who can also be unlocked by completing all levels in story mode. He comes with his own unique abilities such as mind control and sword fighting which made him hard for enemy AI to counteract against. His inclusion provided a welcomed twist to battle scenes making them more challenging but also more fun.

Finally, there’s the Martian Manhunter – this fan-favorite superhero can only be unlocked after collecting all mini-kits found throughout Story Mode levels. As one of the coolest characters available in the game with super strength and shapeshifting abilities; it took time and effort getting him but unlocking him at last felt like an accomplishment worth celebrating!

Overall these secret character unlocks enhanced my playing experience further providing me with different ways of approaching battles, new movesets (abilities)and heightened excitement just exploring their possibilities!

Finding and Purchasing LEGO Batman 2 Secret Characters in Free Play Mode for Xbox 360

If you’re a fan of LEGO Batman 2, then you know just how much fun it is to unlock those secret characters. And while it may seem like an impossible task at first, with some perseverance and skill, you can easily find and purchase all the available secret characters in free play mode for Xbox 360.

To begin your search, make sure that you have completed the main story mode of the game. This will unlock access to free play mode where you can explore Gotham City freely. To start finding secret characters, travel around the city until you come across areas that are blocked off by gold or silver bricks. These bricks signify that there is a special challenge waiting for you inside.

Once inside these challenges, be prepared to face difficult enemies and obstacles as well as solve puzzles in order to earn studs (the currency used in-game) which can be used towards purchasing secret characters from character booths located throughout Gotham City.

But don’t worry if things get tough – there are plenty of online resources available with walkthroughs and guides on how to complete these challenges successfully. So why not take on this exciting adventure today and see what new secrets await?

Utilizing Cheat Codes to Access LEGO Batman 2’s Hidden Characters on Xbox 360

Playing video games can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to access hidden features that others don’t know about. One game that has become a favorite among many gamers is LEGO Batman 2 on Xbox 360. This game comes with an amazing cast of characters, from superheroes to villains, but did you know there are even more hidden characters waiting for you? With the use of cheat codes, gamers can unlock these secrets and add them to their roster.

To access the secret characters in LEGO Batman 2 on Xbox 360, players must first input specific cheat codes. These codes are entered through the main menu by selecting “Extras” and then “Enter Code.” Once entered correctly, new characters such as Nightwing or Clayface will appear in your character selection screen. By using these cheats wisely during gameplay, players will have a distinct advantage over their opponents.

One of the best things about unlocking hidden characters is discovering new abilities they bring to the game’s challenges. For example, Superman’s ability to fly makes certain tasks much easier than relying solely on ground-based heroes like Batman or Robin. With over thirty different playable heroes and villains available once all the secret character cheats have been used – each with their own unique strengths – every playthrough brings something different.

In conclusion, utilizing cheat codes for LEGO Batman 2 on Xbox 360 gives players access not only to previously unavailable playable figures but also additional movesets and attacks only those characters possess. Experimentation is key here; playing around with different combinations might lead gamers down paths they never considered before!


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