Is Zedge Safe? – Here’s the answer

Zedge is one of the most popular apps to download for ringtones & wallpapers, and it has tens of millions of active users worldwide.

Zedge offers an app for both iPhone and Android. Though it has a lot of users, there are still some people that wonder whether the Zedge app is safe or not. We take a quick look at Zedge and whether you should use it on your device.

Is Zedge Safe to download?

The answer is that yes, Zedge is generally quite a safe app to use – most apps that pass Google and Apple’s strict review process will be safe to download to your device.

The app has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times from the App store, so this does make the Zedge app safe to use for most people. Though, some people are curious about why Zedge needs so much permission access from your device.

Such requests have led Zedge to be though of as untrustworthy. However, if you want premium wallpapers and free ringtones, it’s one of the best apps to download.

What is Zedge?

Zedge provides the option of downloading wallpapers – there’s millions of different wallpapers to download across different categories, from nature through to sci-fi.

You can also download live wallpaper, as well as download catchy ringtones – though this is only available on Android devices.

You can use Zedge to change your phone’s appearance using the various artwork that’s uploaded to the app. You can also follow the creators at Zedge to receive the latest updates.

The Zedge app is popular among teens especially young people, as they look to gain more customisation over their mobile devices.

The Zedge app can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore. It is incredibly easy to use and worth getting if you want to download wallpapers, ringtones and more.

Besides that, the app allows you to customize almost everything you do on your mobile like alerts and notifications too.

Why do some users avoid the Zedge app?

The truth is that there’s quite a lot of people wondering whether Zedge is safe to download to their device or not.

This is probably because back in 2019, Zedge was removed from Android & iPhone App stores. Zedge was flagged as having “serious issues” and Google even went as far as labelling it “harmful”.

However, this didn’t last long, as it was added back to the Google Play store not long after this. But, this incident has led other users to wonder whether the Zedge app is safe to download.

Why does Zedge need access to my photos?

Zedge requires access into your photo library – this is so you can save any wallpaper you have downloaded from Zedge to your phone’s Gallery.

If you grant access to your photos, Zedge will automatically download the wallpapers to your phone, and it will be stored in your device storage.

Zedge doesn’t share your images with anyone, and there’s nothing to worry about if Zedge asks for permission to your photos – other apps like Instagram and Facebook also ask for access to your photos so you can easily upload your images to the platform.


Zedge is a decent mobile application that allows users to customize their mobile with wallpapers and ringtones. You can Zedge run on both Android and iOS platforms, though you can only use wallpapers on the iPhone version.

Can Zedge be trusted? Zedge’s apps are generally safe to use without much to worry about, however some users prefer to avoid Zedge due to the amount of permissions the app asked for (which is a lot).

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